Wheat rust threatens Europe, Africa and Asia

Wheat rust is a very fast spread in Europe, Africa and Asia, a fungal disease that can cause 100% loss of the crop of vulnerable wheat species. Such predictions were made on the basis of two recent studies done by scientists in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

“Now more than ever it is important that specialists from international institutions and wheat-producing countries act together to stop the disease, which includes continuous monitoring, data sharing and development of emergency response plans to protect their farmers and farmers of neighboring countries”, The FAO Phatopathologist Fazil Dusunseli stated.

According to specialists monitoring, wheat rust has the ability to spread very quickly over a huge distance with the help of the wind. In case of untimely detection of the disease and the enterprise of the appropriate measures, it has the ability to transform a healthy harvest in just a few months before harvesting yellow leaves, dark trunks and shriveled grain. "Fungicides have every chance to help reduce harm,but premature detection and quick decision making of the problem have a decisive meaning, as well as integrated management strategies in the long term, ”said FAO.