Characteristics and description of tomato variety “La La Fa” F1: we grow and eat with pleasure

The find for Siberian gardeners - a variety of tomatoes "La La F" - has excellent consumer qualities, high yield and unpretentiousness. Tomatoes enjoy the deserved love of gardeners and are suitable for industrial cultivation.

In this publication, you will find all about tomatoes "La La Fa" - description of the variety, photos, basic characteristics and secrets of cultivation.

Tomato "La La Fa": characteristics and description of the variety

This is a mid-season hybrid, designed for cultivation in the protected soil. In the middle zone it is planted in film greenhouses, in the northern areas it will grow only in a heated greenhouse.

Tomatoes "La La Fa" - a determinant variety, grown on a trellis garter, as the bush can reach 1.5 m in height. It has strong brushes that can withstand the weight of 4-5 fruits.

Resistant to most "tomato" viral infections and some fungal diseases. Possesses high commodity qualities.

Tomatoes "La La F" look like on these photos:

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Description of the fetus

Fruits are round, slightly flattened, red in color with a smooth dense skin. The weight of 1 fruit reaches 130-160 g.

Due to its dense surface, it withstands long storage very well. Tomatoes of this variety do not lose their taste and appearance even after 1.5-2 months of fresh storage, suitable for transportation.

The fruits are practically devoid of voids, unlike most greenhouse varieties, and have from 4 to 6 chambers. The taste and aroma of ripe fruit characteristic tomato. On 1 brush 4-6 fruits ripen, tomatoes are not prone to cracking.

The variety of tomatoes "La La Fa" is very tasty fresh, in salads, as well as in the form of various canned blanks. Due to its density, they retain their shape when whole-canning.

General description of the variety

As a mid-seasoned hybrid tomato, "La La F" F1 has a ripening period 100-105 days. Harvesting begins in July and ends only in the fall. The yield is up to 4 kg from a bush and up to 20 kg from 1 square meter. m

When forming in 2 stems, 2-3 flowering brushes grow on the main, arranged in 1-2 leaves.

Planted on seedlings at the end of March., to the greenhouse - in the first days of June, when the last frosts will pass.

The bush is determinant, but requires the formation of 2 stems. Bushes grow large enough, so the landing pattern should be not less than 50 x 70 cmand the frequency is no more than 3-4 roots per 1 square meter. m

Features of growing

Planting on seedlings is made with dry seeds in a moist soil. Seeds germinate best at temperatures around 28-29 ° C.

Dive seedlings with the appearance of 2-3 leaves. In such conditions, they give amicable shoots in about a week. Seedlings are planted in the ground at the age of 50 days.

Tomato bushes "La La Fa" require pasynkovaniya. Further care consists of regular watering, loosening the soil, mineral fertilization three times per season and weeding.

Like a hybrid not susceptible to the main disease of tomatoes - kladosporiozahe is not afraid of tobacco mosaic virus and defeat top rot.