How to fertilize a vegetable garden with sheep manure

Of all the varieties of organic fertilizer is best known. manure. It is a mixture of liquid and solid excrement of agricultural herbivores. Highly effective fertilizer is sheep manure.

How to make it a fertilizer and what are its advantages, we consider in this article.

  • Sheep Manure: Fertilizer Composition
  • How to make a fertilizer from goat droppings
  • How to use sheep manure as a fertilizer
  • Storage methods for sheep manure
  • Advantages of using sheep manure as a fertilizer

Sheep Manure: Fertilizer Composition

Sheep manure has a high decomposition temperature, so it is often used to fertilize heavy clay or loamy soil. It contains nitrogen and potassium. There are more of these components than cow dung. It also contains phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

Sheep manure is considered the least popular because it contains less organic matter than other types of organic fertilizer.

Sheep manure has a good effect on potatoes and beets and increases their productivity.

Also this type of manure fertilizer differs from others by a dense composition and dryness.To improve its quality, fertilizer is poured with slurry.

Important! Sheep manure can cause great damage to the plant. It is better to compost it before use.

How to make a fertilizer from goat droppings

It is believed that goat manure is not used as a fertilizer, as it contains a large amount of nitrogen, which can cause burns to the roots of the crop. Also, those wastes that are not decomposed can be absorbed by plants and cause harm in terms of growth and development.

At the same time goat manure has its advantages:

  1. It is 7 times more efficient than mullein.
  2. Used for many cultures.
  3. In the garden goat manure brings great benefits.
  4. Low required rates when applying fertilizer.
  5. When drying, the unpleasant smell disappears.
  6. It is used as biofuel when heating greenhouses in the spring.
  7. Goat manure decomposes quickly.

The use of goat manure is very wide. It is perfect for growing grain, fodder crops and vegetables.

With one animal, you can get a couple of pounds of excrement. You can store them in briquettes, which allow fresh waste not to decompose and not lose its beneficial properties.

If you are not going to use manure for a long time, the briquettes with him are placed in a room that is ventilated, and they are wrapped in straw. It is also necessary to fence briquettes so that the liquid does not flow out of them.

When it comes time to use goat manure as a fertilizer, it is crushed to enrich with oxygen. Already after crushing, wetting is done in order for the manure to acquire a doughy mass, and laid out in air on a bed of straw.

Composting is carried out, while it is necessary to mix manure with various organic wastes, regularly re-strawing and mixing.

After a few weeks, the mixture begins to sweep, the temperature is set to 70 ° C inside, and dangerous parasites die. Since goat manure, which is used for fertilizer, is dense, with it you need to stick to moderate humidity by adding water.

The mass is mixed so that oxygen constantly gets into the mixture. Organic waste is added to it, but at the same time, it is not worth throwing wool, fats and bones into it. It takes a long time to process them.

If you decide to add leaves, then do it with extreme caution, as they may be infected.The leaves are enclosed at the beginning of the process, as they already have time to pereprep, and pests are destroyed. In a few months the fertilizer will be ready.

Did you know? The first cloned animal was exactly a sheep. She received the name Dolly in honor of the singer Dolly Parton.

How to use sheep manure as a fertilizer

Since sheep manure is versatile, it is suitable for vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains and forage crops. After fertilization with sheep manure, the yield of apricot, sweet cherry and peach increases significantly. The collection of cucumbers and tomatoes increases by one and a half times, and the onion is more tender.

The main thing when using sheep manure is to know how to apply fertilizer correctly.

It is possible to apply such fertilizer to the soil in the same way as mullein. Fertilize soil for arable land in the fall, also make manure in each well. This is done when landing in the spring. This fertilizer is used in combination with straw for mulching.

Pure sheep sheep is not used, as it contains a high level of nitrogen. From this manure make dressing, which contribute to the soil in the spring.

In the process of decomposition of sheep manure is heated, and it is used as a natural heating of greenhouses, as well as for the fertilizer garden.

Important! Be careful, as the release of side gases is very active.

Storage methods for sheep manure

There are several ways to store sheep manure:

  1. In the manure.
  2. Cool way.
  3. Hot way to Krantz.
With the cold method manure is uniformly packed every day and compacted. In no case should it be allowed to dry out, as the quality decreases. The mass of the manure heap should be up to 2 m in height in a short time.

Hot storage suggested farmer Kranz in 1924. Daily accumulation of manure stack height of 100 cm.

Important! During storage of manure loss of nitrogen in it is insignificant.
If it is winter outside, manure is covered with a layer of straw so as not to lose heat. To speed up the decomposition of manure, it must be turned. At this time, it enters the air. Over time, the manure is compacted and the temperature rises below 70 ° C.

After compaction, the second layer is laid on the first layer, and then the third and fourth, up to a height of 3 m. After 3-4 months, the manure is a crumbly mass of brown color without an unpleasant smell. Manure must be removed daily.

Sheep manure can be used after 5 months.

Also, manure must be watered to avoid losing ammonia. In the dry season, it must be watered. This accelerates the access of oxygen and leads to enhanced fermentation. If you store manure in dry form for 7 months, the nitrogen goes to 20%, in raw form - 13%.

Did you know? Sheep was cultivated by man already in ancient times, more than 8 thousand years ago in the territory of modern Syria and Turkey.

Advantages of using sheep manure as a fertilizer

Sheep manure contains a large amount of straw. In this case, the mixture requires additional processing, namely grinding and mixing with the crushed organic waste.

Fertilize mainly sheep dung cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins. Carrots, beets, and green crops more prefer rotted sheep manure. Sheep manure also has a good effect on the enrichment of garden soil, but at the same time it is impossible to fill in fresh manure around young shoots.

The advantages of sheep manure are as follows:

  1. This is an affordable and environmentally friendly fertilizer.
  2. It improves the physical properties and structure of the soil.
  3. Sheep manure contains the whole complex of batteries.

The frequency of making the mixture with sheep manure - once every 4 years.

Did you know? Sheep are also bred for sheep milk, sheep cheese, cooking oil, and skins (sheepskin).

Sheep manure contains many useful properties that will favorably affect your crops.

The main thing - to make them correctly and adhere to the rules of manure storage.