Balcony as a bed: especially the manufacture of greenhouses for seedlings with their own hands with photos and instructions

That as far as good you will have a harvest at the end of the summer, depends on effortThat you attach to this in early spring.

Strong seedlings - a pledge of delicious vegetables from their own site.

Greenhouses help to increase the yield three times, and make them easy with your own hands.

Greenhouse Requirements

If you decide to make a greenhouse with your own hands, know - there are many simple performed by constructions, the manufacture of which does not take much power from you. They can be installed on the summer cottage, in the garden and even on the balcony!

Read on our site about other greenhouse structures: from profile pipe, wood and polycarbonate, aluminum and glass, galvanized profile, plastic pipes, window frames, with opening roof, double-walled, collapsible, arched, Dutch, greenhouse along the Mitlayder, in the form pyramids, from reinforcement, tunnel type, mini-greenhouses, domed, for a window sill and a roof, and also for winter use.

In the latter case, the greenhouse for seedlings on the balcony will be a mini-greenhouse, which is made in the form of shelves. They must have film covers or glazing. Also, greenhouse cover for seedlings can be made of polycarbonate.

What should be a good greenhouse for seedlings of vegetables and other crops? She is must answer as follows criteria:

  1. Provide seedlings with all the necessary conditions for growth and development, optimal microclimate, lighting.
  2. Allow easy watering and weeding seedlings.
  3. To be strong and durable.
  4. It is desirable if the greenhouse under the seedlings will look aesthetic.

remember, that plants need at least 12-14 hours of light per day, so you can not do without backlight. It is best to use fluorescent lamps. Safety blinds help avoid the risk of sunburn.

What plants are grown?

Practically any vegetables can be grown in a greenhouse, they will be as tasty as those grown in open ground. And maybe even tastier! Tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, cabbage - all this can be grown in a greenhouse.

Every culture follows land out to the greenhouse on time. For example, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are planted in February or March, and sweet peppers and eggplants should be planted before June 5th.

Manufacturing technology

First of all you should decide on what size your greenhouse will be. As a rule, it depends on the area of ​​the site on which it is to be located. Make all necessary measurements., calculate the length and width.

Greenhouse differs from greenhouse size. If the greenhouse usually has no more than one and a half meters in height, then the greenhouse can be much higher.

The place where the greenhouse will be installed should be quiet and level. If you decide to build it in the garden, then try arrange the structure how can closer to the water tap. Even in the garden you can install a greenhouse - in the spring there are no leaves in the trees, and the shade will not stop the plants from developing.

It is best to have the building in the direction from east to west, so that the sun warms up the seedlings better, and the shadow of the supports fell on them as little as possible. Of course, the site should be well fenced from drafts.

When you have chosen a place, decide on the material. As a rule, wood, metal, glass and film are used to create greenhouses.

The appearance of the structure goes into the background, because in the summer it will be removed.To build it you can use the materials at handwhich have long been idle lying on your site.

The easiest way to work with plastic wrap - regular or reinforced. It must have good light transmission ability and medium strength. In this case, the sun will warm the earth, and the temperature inside the building will be constant even at night.

You can also use a nonwoven covering material or polycarbonate. For the construction of the greenhouse, you can use the old window frames with glass. The basis of your future greenhouse - This is a frame, and it can be of any kind: triangular, arcuate, or have the shape of a house.

A photo

Greenhouse for seedlings photo, see below:

Step by step instructions for making the simplest design

For the manufacture of the simplest greenhouse you will be required:

  • polypropylene pipes for the frame;
  • wooden slats;
  • polyethylene film;
  • the boards.

The procedure for the manufacture of greenhouses for seedlings with their own hands:

  1. At first we bend polypropylene pipes in the form of an arc. They will be the frame of your design.
  2. We fix the pipes on a wooden frame.You can do without it and install them immediately in the ground, well fixing.
  3. On the pipe we stretch the film. We fix the edges with bricks - This will allow her not to be carried away by the gusts of winds.
  4. If you want to make the structure more stable and rigid, attach horizontal rails to the arcs on the sides. In this case, the greenhouse is not deformed or shifted.
  5. Install vertical supports under the outermost arcs. With them, the construction will quietly stand for the whole season.
If pipes are replaced with wooden blocks or ready-made gratings, greenhouse will become much more sustainable. Working with them is also easy, but the grilles have a small height — this is not always convenient.

In order to connect them together, you can use nails and screws. In a pinch, even a wide scotch tape comes in handy - it is cheaper and allows you to complete work faster.

Stationary greenhouse

To make a more durable greenhouse, take:

  • wooden bars;
  • boards;
  • plastic wrap;
  • saw;
  • hammer;
  • nails (screws).


  1. Build a box of planks, connect the parts with each other using nails or screws.Externally, the design should resemble a high bed.
  2. Make a frame of the bars, attach it to a wooden box.
  3. Stretch the film on the frameSecure it with nails or tape.
In addition, you can learn on our website how to build a greenhouse with your own hands: the foundation, the frame of the available materials, the profile pipe, how to cover the greenhouse, how to choose polycarbonate, what color, how to make air vents, underfloor heating, infrared heater, interior design, also about repair , care in the winter, preparing for the season and how to choose a ready greenhouse.

From scrap materials, you can also collect high-quality greenhouse, which will provide you with an excellent harvest.

You will need:

  • wooden beam;
  • boards;
  • old window frames with glass;
  • brick;
  • nails or screws;
  • bitumen mastic.
  • latch
The window frames must be the same size. From their number and width directly depends on the length of the greenhouse.


  1. Cut pieces of the required size of the bars and planks.
  2. Process them with bitumen mastic - it will allow wood not to spoil from adverse climatic conditions.
  3. Mark up the greenhouse in the selected area.
  4. Lay bricks along the perimeter of the future structure: this is its foundation. From above - a bar to which boards are attached from the inside by screws. The mounting step must be done slightly less than the width of the frames.
  5. Install a horizontal row of boards from the outside so that their upper edges coincide.
  6. Attach to the ends of the installed boards rafters "house".
  7. Frame set on this frame and secure with screws.
  8. Put one frame on the hinges, and fasten the other with a latch - this is the door.

After you build a greenhouse and plant a seedling, you will only need to water the plants periodically and wait for them to grow. We wish you a wonderful harvest!