Scarlet Mustang Tomato: photos and yield

Many gardeners before planting tomatoes are faced with difficulty in choosing a variety. In our article, we offer to get acquainted with the description of the variety of tomato "Scarlet Mustang" and the features of its cultivation.

  • Appearance and description of the variety
    • Characteristics of fruits and their beneficial properties
    • The advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  • Agrotechnology
    • Seed preparation and planting
    • All about seedlings
    • Transplantation in open ground
    • Care and watering varieties
  • Pests and diseases
  • Harvesting

Appearance and description of the variety

Tomatoes "Scarlet Mustang" were bred by Siberian breeders and included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2014. In general, the variety takes a good position among gardeners, as indicated by their reviews, and is often found on their sites.

Characteristics of fruits and their beneficial properties

The fruits of the Scarlet Mustang can be described as follows:

  • They have an elongated thin shape, sometimes they are compared with sausage, they are distinguished by low cut.
Important! To increase the germination of plants, it is recommended to soak the seed material in growth-stimulating solutions before planting.
  • The length of the tomato can reach 25 cm, and the weight of one fruit is 200 g.
  • Mature fruits have a dark red color.
  • They have a smooth skin, do not undergo cracking.
  • Preferably they have three chambers and many solids.
  • Quite strong, elastic and dense.
  • Capable of long storage and transportation.
  • Tomatoes have a pleasant sweet taste and wonderful aroma.

Tomatoes are eaten fresh, as they have excellent taste and contain vitamins. Due to its elasticity, it is ideal for preservation, but it is not recommended to use them for the production of tomato juice.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Variety of tomato "Scarlet Mustang" has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • High yield.
  • Resistance to many diseases.
  • Pleasant taste and aroma.
  • Unusual shape.

Among the shortcomings are the following:

  • lack of immunity to late blight;
  • frequent cracking due to heavy watering after a period of drought;
  • lack of ability to withstand low air temperatures.
Did you know? The largest tomato listed in the Guinness Book of Records, was grown by a resident of Minnesota, Dan McCoy. Fruit weight was 3.8 kg.


To grow a tomato "Scarlet Mustang", you must follow certain rules and recommendations on agricultural technology. Consider them.

Seed preparation and planting

Before you start planting tomatoes "Scarlet Mustang", it is necessary to prepare the planting material. For half an hour you need to put the seeds in a disinfectant solution, then wrap in a damp gauze or cloth and wait until the first shoots appear.

For planting use a large common container. It is necessary to deepen the seeds by about 1 cm, while adhering to a distance of 1.5 cm between them. After planting, the container must be covered with a film before the first shoots.

All about seedlings

As soon as the first two leaves appear on the shoots, it is necessary to carry out a pick. To do this, carefully plant sprouts in separate containers that can be purchased in specialized stores.Watering transplanted seedlings is carried out if the surface of the soil began to dry out. It is recommended to moisten the soil abundantly, but not too often. Approximately 7-10 days before planting in the open ground, it is hardened - taken to a balcony or to fresh air: first for a few hours, and then increase the time to a full day light.

Transplantation in open ground

50 days after the picking, you can plant seedlings in a greenhouse. The distance between plants should be at least 40-50 cm. For 10 days you should not particularly disturb the plants, you must give them time to adapt to new conditions.

Care and watering varieties

One and a half weeks after disembarkation, begin to conduct abundant irrigation under the root of the bush. For irrigation, it is recommended to use warm distilled water.

Important! Planting seedlings in the greenhouse should be carried out only when the seedlings reach 20-25 cm in height.
Useful for tomatoes will be loosening and hilling. These procedures promote better rooting and oxygen supply.

It is recommended to mulch the soil. Under each plant stacked sawdust or hay.This will retain moisture in the soil and provide warm tomato roots.

Like all indeterminate varieties, the “Scarlet Mustang” needs cracking: it is very important to remove excess lateral processes that take power from the bushes. After the appearance of fruits on the plants, the procedure of the pinching is no longer performed.

High growth of bushes - up to 2 meters makes them tie up, otherwise they will break off, and the plant may die.

Pests and diseases

Diseases such as the rot of fruits, roots and stems, are not afraid of this variety. It is resistant to diseases and is very rarely affected.

The same applies to pests such as aphid, Medvedka, wireworm. In rare cases, they attack the plant. However, despite good immunity, it is recommended to treat plants with prophylactic purposes with the help of special preparations.


Tomatoes "Scarlet Mustang" have a good yield. On one brush can form 6-7 fruits. With proper care, more than 5 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from a single bush; from 1 square meter to 25 kg.

The harvest period is quite long: the first fruits can be removed as early as July, and the last at the end of September.

Did you know? In Europe, until the 16th century, tomato was considered poisonous and was grown exclusively as an ornamental plant. They began to eat vegetables only in 1692, when the first course with tomatoes was prepared in Naples.
With proper care, you can achieve a tasty and large crop. The pleasant taste of vegetables allows you to use them fresh, as well as used for canning or for sale. After reviewing the tomato "Scarlet Mustang", characteristics and description of the variety, you can easily grow a tomato on your site.