The use of non-woven covering material agrospan in the garden

In order that all efforts invested in the future harvest are not in vain, many summer residents and farmers are looking for tools to create an optimal microclimate. Most often, various covering materials are used for this purpose, which were specially created for this purpose. With their help, there will be an active development of plants, which further will lead to a bountiful harvest. Today a large number of different types of fabrics of artificial origin has appeared on the market. A novelty is covering material "Agrospan". According to farmers, it has excellent characteristics and shows the desired results.

  • Material characteristics
  • Popular brands
  • Features of the use of agrospan in the garden
    • In winter
    • In the summer
  • The main advantages of the application at the dacha

Material characteristics

Today there is a fairly large selection of protective nonwovens, but among this set it is not easy to choose the most suitable. A quality shelter should last for several seasons and at the same time fulfill all the functions assigned to it.

Did you know? Nonwoven cover fabric - environmentally friendly products. Its production consists in gluing polypropylene fibers under the influence of high temperatures. It is proved that their quality characteristics differ from the polyethylene film.

Agrospan has the following specifications:

  • protects from frost, hail and heavy rain;
  • creates a comfortable microclimate, stabilizing night and day temperatures;
  • reduces evaporation from the soil surface;
  • ensures the formation of early and high-quality harvest;
  • protects against pests and the bright sun;
  • has a service life of at least 3 years.
For a successful choice of covering material, you need to know about two criteria: it is the uniformity of the basis of the density and high-quality protective UV stabilizer in the polymer.

Agrospan - synthetic materialwhich looks like non-woven white or black. White is used in greenhouses to shelter from frost and bad weather, and black - to protect against weeds.

Important! Frame greenhouses - one of the conditions of good harvest, but for this it is important to maintain the level of carbon dioxide, which is necessary for the photosynthesis process.Before the advent of agropane for this it was necessary to carry out airing. Now there is no need for this, since due to the fibrous structure of the fabric an optimal microclimate is created in the greenhouse.

Popular brands

Today agrospan is presented in several modifications, each brand has a certain density. Most popular brands:

  • Covering 42 and 60 of white color - fixed on the frame of the greenhouse as well as the greenhouse film. Such a greenhouse will be easy to operate.
  • Covering 17 and 30 white - used to protect the beds. It is laid on the ground without tension and secured with soil. Such a shelter does not prevent seeds and seedlings from growing. As you pull the edges of the material free.
  • Black mulch 42 is a nonwoven material for weed protection. In addition, the black color absorbs a lot of heat, which then gives the plants, it makes it possible to use the material for the winter protection of bushes and ornamental trees. The structure of the fabric makes it possible to easily make fertilizer in liquid form and pass moisture.
  • Black mulch 60 is used to protect against weeds when growing perennial berry crops.It is left on earth all year round, until the liquidation of the culture.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the technology of planting strawberries under the covering material.

Features of the use of agrospan in the garden

Any landowner wants good yields, despite the many different problems that arise in the process of growing agricultural crops. The use of agrospan allows to significantly simplify the decision, we will consider how to use it at any time of the year.

Did you know? The prefix "SUF" in the title means that the material contains an ultraviolet stabilizer.

In winter

For this time of year, a dense canvas is used, which not only protects shrubs and winter crops, but is also able to withstand a large amount of snow cover.

In the summer

In the hot season, white agrospan is used to shade and retain moisture, as well as to protect against wind and pests. Black material is spread on the soil and used to protect against rotting, pollution and weed protection.

The main advantages of the application at the dacha

Today, the following advantages of use Agrospana when growing vegetables and other crops:

  • plant protection against diseases and pests;
  • stabilization of the soil moisture level and, as a result, reduction of irrigation rates;
  • protection against temperature extremes and an increase in cultivation time;
  • optimization of air exchange under the fabric;
  • decrease in labor costs several times;
  • increase in crop size by 20%.

Important! Gardeners, who use this covering material for the first season, insist that in order for it not to move and not accidentally damage the plants, it must be well strengthened. It is better to do this with an earthen shaft or special clamps.

As you can see, Agrospan agrofibre is an ideal device for gardeners and farmers. To obtain the desired result, it is important to follow all the rules of use, and then you will succeed.