The drug "Charm" (Charm) for plants: how to use a growth stimulator

Today it is often possible to observe such a situation when in gardens and on kitchen gardens unprotected and not treated on time pests and diseases die or give a spoiled crop. Of course, the main preventive procedure against all misfortunes is the correct farming technique. However, alas, it does not always work. And then only special drugs can come to the rescue: chemical or biological. Preference, clearly, must be given last. In this article, we will introduce you to an environmentally friendly tool. "Ward" and the main characteristics of this drug.

  • "Charm" (Charm): Description
  • The mechanism of action and the active ingredient of the drug
  • The method of use of growth stimulant "Charm" (Charm), how to use the drug
  • The benefits of using the drug "Charm" (Obereg) in agricultural production
  • Storage method and shelf life of growth chaser "Obereg" (Charm)

"Charm" (Charm): Description

"Preserve" refers to drugs that regulate growth of natural origin. This means that by itself it does not destroy pests and does not cure diseases, but merely strengthens the immunity of the plant so that it can stand alone when it encounters them.The fact is that the growth and development of plants, ranging from the appearance of sprouts to wilt, are regulated by natural phytohormones. There are five of them: ethylene, abscisic acid, auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin. But they do not always manage to cope with their tasks. Therefore, scientists have developed artificial analogues of phytohormones - growth regulators. In this case, the plant organism can be compared with the human body. After all, when we feel bad, our immunity decreases and we try to help him by taking pharmaceutical vitamins.

Did you know? All plant growth regulators are divided into: growth regulators, root formers, fruit formers, adaptogens, antidepressants and immunomodulators. "Charm" refers to the latter. One of the advantages of growth regulators is that they can be simultaneously applied with almost all fertilizers and plant protection products.

Means "Charm" is designed to strengthen the vitality of the plant, develop a sustainable immunity to diseases, harmful insects, as well as to stimulate their growth. When used, plant crops are able to more easily tolerate sudden changes in temperature, adverse environmental factors, and stress.In addition, this growth regulator activates and accelerates the germination of seeds, the development of culture, increases its yield indicators.

Action "Charm" tested on cucumbers and tomatoes. After numerous experiments that showed positive results, it was proved that the drug can reduce tomato diseases such as fusarium wilt in two to four times, and reduce the risk of late blight and rhizoctoniosis wilt in cucumbers. Also good performance tests on grain, oilseeds and sugar beets.

Did you know? Long-term studies have shown that the use of "Charm" can lead to an increase in yield in different crops by 10-30%.

Stimulator of plant immunity "Obereg" is recommended for use in personal subsidiary farms and on agricultural land. It can be used for spraying vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, etc.), berries (strawberries, currants, etc.), fruit trees (apples). It refers to drugs with a toxicity ratio of "3", that is, it is moderately dangerous to humans. Practically harmless to mammals, has low toxicity to birds and fish. When using the drug does not exude an unpleasant smell, does not leave stains or stains in the area of ​​use. Available in 1 ml ampoules and in 60 ml vials.

The mechanism of action and the active ingredient of the drug

The drug "Obereg" is made on the basis of polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is part of vitamin F, and its active ingredient is arachidonic acid at a dosage of 0.15 g / l. This acid is characterized by the fact that it is able to provide the desired effect even in micro doses and, after a short period of time, to pass into other compounds. This process does not harm the plant or the environment. Acid is extracted from algae.

When the active ingredient "Charm" enters the plant's body, it causes the synthesis of phytoalexins, thereby including protective mechanisms in it. This leads to an increase in immunity in the plant culture, resistance to living and nonliving factors that can lead to its damage.

Important! Treatment of plants with the preparation "Charm" can only reduce the risk of plant infection with any disease or damage of various kinds of pests.However, if you do not follow the rules of agrotechnology, for example, heavily fill cucumbers or plant them in the same place for several years in a row, then no drug will help here. Agricultural technology and processing tools in the complex will be the key to a good harvest.

The effect of the drug "Charm", as stated in its description, lasts for a month. Thus, the treatment before planting the seeds of a plant, for example, with the “Sprouts” means, and then spraying them once or twice with the “Charm” will be enough to minimize the risk of diseases or invasion of pests without using chemicals. In addition, the processing will contribute to a high degree of yield. The drug is also successfully used on plants that are not well out of the state of rest, whimsically react to a change in growing conditions, weakened, and drop foliage.

The method of use of growth stimulant "Charm" (Charm), how to use the drug

"Charm" is designed to process crops during the growing season, namely during the nomination of the buds and before flowering. Also they are treated with seeds, tubers, bulbs.1 ml of the drug "Obereg" before being applied to the plant, diluted in 5 liters of water and thoroughly mixed. This solution cannot be stored, since it must be used no later than 1.5 hours after preparation. They treat the aboveground part of the plant. It is desirable to use a sprayer with small-spray. The prepared solution will be enough to process 1 weave. On 1 ha will require 300 liters of working solution. Also in the solution soaked the seeds for two or three days before planting. Depending on the density of the seed rind, this procedure will take from half an hour to an hour. Consumption: 2 ml of liquid / 1 g of seeds.

Important! No matter how safe the “Obereg” tool is, before using a growth stimulator, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use on the package and not to deviate from the recommended doses.

In potatoes, it is better to conduct preplant treatment of tubers. For 100 kg of tubers, consumption of 1 liter of working fluid is assumed, and it is advisable to plant on the same or the next day after soaking. Also before planting process onion-onion bulbs. Spray 1 kg of bulbs should take 7 ml of solution. It would not be superfluous to give an example of the norm recommended by the manufacturer for processing vegetables, berries and fruit crops during the growing season. For example, “Charm” twice per season is used to process tomatoes. The first time - during budding. The second - when the second brush blooms (consumption: 3 l / 100 m²).

Cabbage is sprayed in the phases of the socket and tying a head of cabbage. Treatment rate: 3 l / 100 m². The same rule applies to the processing of potatoes in the period of budding and onions, which should be sprayed twice: during the appearance of the first 4-5 leaves and a month after the first processing. In the period of regrowth of three leaves and at the very beginning of flowering, “Obereg” is recommended for cucumbers. Consumption standard: 3 l / 100 m². In order to process the peas for the first time, you need to wait until it reaches full germination. The second treatment is carried out after the plant releases the buds and begins to bloom. To protect the currant it is treated at the beginning of flowering and a month after the first spraying. Consumption: 3 l / 100 m². Strawberries are sprayed before flowering and 20 days after the previous treatment. The consumption of the drug, the same as currants. For spraying 100 m² of vineyards will need 8 liters of solution. Grapes, like strawberries, can be processed before flowering and 20 days after the first spraying. An apple tree will take 10 l / 100 m². The leaves of the fruit tree are sprayed during the flowering period of the plant and 30 days after the previous treatment.

The benefits of using the drug "Charm" (Obereg) in agricultural production

The main advantage of the use of this growth of cucumbers and other crops, both in personal subsidiary farms and agriculture, is its small consumption, which significantly reduces the cost of plant protection. "Preserved" can be used simultaneously with fungicides and insecticides of natural origin, as well as preparations containing organosilicon substances. It can not be used in conjunction with oxidizing and reducing agents and alkalis, in which the pH exceeds 6.8. With the introduction of "Charm" in the tank mixes, along with pesticides, the chemical load on plant crops is reduced and the consumption of expensive chemicals is reduced.

Storage method and shelf life of growth chaser "Obereg" (Charm)

Arachidonic acid, which is part of the preparation "Obereg", very quickly decomposes at room temperature, so the solution diluted for spraying will be suitable for use within 1-1.5 hours. Unopened ampoules or vials are stored in a dry, enclosed area at a temperature of 0 ... +30 Сº, where neither children nor animals have access, away from food, drugs, feed.