Beautiful and fruitful tomato "Tretyakovsky": characteristics, description and photo

Do you want to decorate your plot and get a very high yield? There is a very good variety for this, it is called tomato Tretyakov.

Bushes of this type of tomato are very beautiful and will surprise your neighbors. More about this miracle in our new article.

Tomato Tretyakov characteristic and description

This is a mid-early hybrid, from the time the seedlings are planted until the first fruits ripen, 100-115 days pass.

The plant is not standard, determinant.

This species is recommended for growing in greenhouse shelters, but in the southern regions successfully growing in unprotected soil. Growth bush 120-150 cm in the southern regions can grow up to 150-180 cm

As the vast majority of hybrid varieties have very highly resistant to fungal diseases and harmful insects.

Mature fruits have a red or bright crimson color. In shape, they are rounded. The average weight of one tomato ranges from 90 to 140 grams.

The number of chambers in the fruit is 3-4, the dry matter content is about 5%. Assembled the harvest can be stored for a long time and tolerates transportation, for these varietal qualities he loves both amateurs and farmers.

Country of breeding and year of registration

Tomato Tretyakovsky f1 was bred in Russia by domestic breeding masters in 1999.

Received state registration as a hybrid variety for open ground and greenhouse shelters in 2000. Since that time it has been in steady demand among amateur gardeners and farmers.

In which regions it is better to grow

The highest yield in the open field is given to the species of tomatoes in the south, in areas such as Belgorod, Voronezh and Donetsk.

In conditions of the middle band and in more northern regions needs shelter. It does not affect the overall yield.

Way to use

The fruits are small and very beautiful, they will look great in canned form. Their taste will be appreciated if they are consumed fresh.

Juices and pastes from tomatoes of the Tretyakovsky hybrid are not only very tasty, but also useful, due to the high content of vitamins and sugars.

Yield varieties

When creating good conditions Up to 5.5 kg of excellent fruits can be collected from a single plant.. The recommended planting density is 3 bushes per square meter. m, it turns out 15-16 kg.This is a very good indicator of yield.

A photo

The photo shows a tomato Tretyakovsky

Advantages and disadvantages

Among merits This type of tomato is noted:

  • very high immunity;
  • good yield;
  • tolerance of temperature difference and lack of moisture;
  • versatility of crop use.

Among deficiencies It is worth to highlight:

  • it's hard to get real quality seeds;
  • branches need backups, this can confuse newbies;
  • during plant growth requires attention to watering and fertilizers.

Cultivation and variety characteristics

Many gardeners mark the appearance of the bush as if it were not a tomato, but an ornamental plant, very he is handsome. Another of the features must be said about yield and disease resistance.

The plant is tall, the trunk necessarily needs a garter. Its branches often break off under the weight of the fruit, they need props.

Tomatoes of the Tretyakovsky variety form two or three stems, often two. At the stage of active growth Particular attention should be paid to top dressing., they must contain potassium and phosphorus, as well as watering.

Diseases and pests

Due to the very high resistance, tomato variety Tretyakovsky practically not affected by fungal diseases.

To maintain a healthy state it is only necessary to observe the regime of watering, lighting and in time to do top dressing, and also to air the greenhouse.

Of the pests tomatoes Tretyakov F1 can be attacked by the Colorado potato beetle, especially in the southern regions.

Against this pest successfully apply the tool "Prestige", it is more effective than collecting it manually.

In the middle zone, the plant is often attacked by moths, moths and sawflies, and the use of Lepidocide will be effective against them.

With little effort you can get a very good result, this is just about tomato Tretyakovsky. Care of him will not be difficult, even an inexperienced gardener can handle. Good luck and tasty harvest.