Variety of apple trees "Starkrimson": characteristics and agricultural technology of cultivation

The apple tree can rightly be called the mistress of the garden. If you choose the right variety for growing in the garden, you will be able to feast on delicious fruits all year round. In our article you will get acquainted with the apple tree "Starkrimson Delishes", a detailed description of the variety and useful tips on caring for it will help you grow this unusual apple hybrid.

  • Inference history
  • Description and distinctive features of the variety
    • Wood
    • Fruits
  • How to choose seedlings when buying
  • The choice of space
  • Preparatory work
    • Site preparation
    • Seedlings preparation
  • Step-by-step process of planting seedlings
  • Seasonal care features
    • Soil care
    • Top dressing
    • Preventive spraying
    • Pruning
    • Protection against cold and rodents

Inference history

Variety "Starkrimson Delishes" was bred by American breeders in the late nineteenth century. As a result of crossing varieties "Delishes" and "Starking" have turned out new varieties with completely new characteristics. Our variety has a high decorative effect of fruits and abundant fruiting.

Description and distinctive features of the variety

Trees "Starkrimson" belong to the type of "spur" - this is a special kind of apple trees,which have the following characteristics: compactness of the crown and extraordinary fecundity.


The tree is considered medium tall or even low. The branches form a compact crown in the shape of a wide pyramid. The trunk of annual trees is painted a gray-brown color, and adult shoots of the apple tree "Starkrimson Delishes" become saturated brown. They are characterized by the formation of kolchatka - small fruit branches capable of abundant bloom and bear fruit.

Did you know? In the beliefs of many countries, apples are a symbol of good health, youth and love. One example is a rejuvenating apple from a fairy tale. The Slavs even had a custom - after giving birth to give an apple to his mother. This gesture symbolized the wish for good health of the baby.


Despite the small growth of apple trees, the fruits grow large, their weight can reach 200 grams. The shape of the fruit is elongated, conical. For the top of the apples is characterized by ribbing. Moreover, the shape of the fruit depends on their size. Small apples have a perfectly round, ribbed, shape. It should be noted the color of the apples "Starkrimson Delishes" - the main color is pale green,and the cover color is bright carmine. A detailed examination of the apples shows purple dots on the peel. The taste of the flesh is sweet, with a slight sourness. Dense skin and wax coating ensure the safety of the fruit during transportation, as well as during long-term storage.

How to choose seedlings when buying

Deciding to plant this variety on the site, it is very important to choose the seedlings. When choosing seedlings for planting, remember:

  1. For planting in a permanent place suitable one or two year old seedlings.
  2. Barrel seedlings should be free from damage, stains and growths.
  3. If you slightly incise the bark - the color of the trunk under it should be light green.
  4. The roots must be wet and have a light color.
  5. The leaves of seedlings varieties "Starkrimson Delishes" have a rough back side. Feel the leaves before buying - so you make sure that you buy the right sapling.

The choice of space

Choosing the right place on the site is an important step in the process of growing fruit trees. Swampy or salt-rich soil to form a garden will be devastating. The chosen place should be well lit, open,but should exclude the appearance of drafts. There should be no deposits of rubble, limestone and groundwater in the vicinity of the planting of apple seedlings. The soil should be loamy or sod-carbonate.

Preparatory work

In order for the seedlings to take root and soon began to delight you with their fruits, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. You can read more about them later in the article.

Important! Apple "Starkrimson Delishes" is sensitive to low temperatures. If your region has a cool summer, and in the winter strong frosts are a variety, alas, it does not suit you.

Site preparation

Before planting the apple should be given time to prepare the soil. Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and in the case of growing Starkrimson apple trees - prepare the ground in the fall. With the onset of autumnal coolness, the chosen place for planting is carefully dug up, and weeds are removed. The process of preparing the soil is completed by the introduction of fertilizers - rotted manure or humus, at the rate of 5 kg per 1 sq. Km. m, you can also add wood ash. The resulting mixture is mixed with the soil and evenly loosen over the entire surface.

Check out the rules for planting an apple tree in spring and autumn.

Seedlings preparation

To prepare the seedlings, it is enough to lower their roots in a container with water. To increase the chances of germination, add growth stimulant to the water. Experienced agronomists also recommend using an earthen mortar instead of water: fertile soil (you can take it from the site of the future planting of an apple) to mix with water, the mixture should resemble a thin sour cream. In such an earthen "talker" you can keep the seedling the night before planting. If you notice damaged twigs, they must be removed using sharp scissors or a garden shears.

Did you know? An unusual record was set in 1976. Kathy Wolffher peeled an apple for 11 hours and the peel length was over 52 meters. Thus, a record was set, which was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest peel of apples.

Step-by-step process of planting seedlings

So, the place for planting has been prepared, the saplings have settled overnight in the earthen solution, this means that the last stage is left - planting young apple trees in open ground. The best time for this is spring, it is only important to make sure that the winter frosts will not return. We describe the process in order:

  1. For each tree, dig a hole at least 60-80 cm deep.
  2. At the bottom of piled humus, a little soil, you can add old leaves or sand.
  3. The whole mixture is thoroughly mixed.
  4. From above the mixture is filled with water (1-2 buckets will be enough).

Sapling down the hole, the roots gently straighten and fall asleep soil. Planted apple tree plentifully watered. You can tie up the seedling to the peg. If you plan to plant several trees - be sure to keep the distance between the planting holes of at least 5 m.

Important! By burrowing the seedling in the hole, make sure that the root collar does not go deep during planting. It should be 5 cm above ground level.

Seasonal care features

Having planted Starkrimson Delishes, it is important to provide competent care for future trees. Then you will find out what events it includes.

Soil care

After planting, the further care of the soil should consist of regular watering, weeding and loosening, as well as soil mulching. Water young trees should be once a week. In the dry period, preferably watered once every 2-3 days. For watering one tree will be enough 2-3 buckets of water.Weeding and loosening combined with irrigation. Do not forget: the root system of apple trees is close to the surface and there is a big risk of damaging it. Soil mulching is a compulsory procedure for all varieties of apple trees. Mulch will help slow the rapid evaporation of moisture in a hot period, protect against pests and weeds. It is best to use mulch of natural origin - sawdust or bark of coniferous trees. Also, mulch will help give the apple orchard a decorative look.

Top dressing

Fertilizers need to be in accordance with the season. For example, in spring, an apple tree needs fertilizer with a high nitrogen content, and in the fall, an additional portion of potassium and phosphorus is needed.

Preventive spraying

Important! In order for the apple tree "Starkrimson Delishes" to give a good harvest, its pollinators must grow within a radius of at least 2 km, for example, the apple variety "Golden Delishes". Bees do the rest of the pollination work..
Variety "Starkrimson Delishes" is prone to defeat scab. To reduce the likelihood of the disease, prophylactic sprays are carried out, for example, Bordeaux fluid (1%). But if you decide to spray an apple tree in the spring, do it before bud break. The soil around the trunk is treated with ammonium nitrate (10%).At the end of May, it is possible to add immunostimulating preparations, for example, “Fungicide” - this will also help reduce the number of treatments with chemical preparations. It should be noted that powdery mildew that is common among apple trees is practically not a threat to Starkrimson Delicious.


So that the tree does not suffer from overloading with fruits, it must be rationed - thin out the shoots. Once a year, the main branches are pruned for a couple of buds. After the crown will gain volume (this happens mainly in the third year of life), the branches should be bent manually using stretch marks. This technique will also help increase the yield of the branches. Sanitary pruning, i.e. removal of damaged and improperly growing branches, held every 4-5 years.

It is worth remembering such popular apple varieties as Semerenko, Bogatyr, Zhigulevskoe, Silver Hoof, Spartan, Lobo, Medunitsa, and Candy.

Protection against cold and rodents

Since Starkrimson is sensitive to cold, trees need shelter at the end of autumn. Especially requires shelter basal neck, so it is necessary to take care of her first. The most popular and effective method is to cover with paws of coniferous trees.From natural materials to help protect the straw or reed. You can also use a newspaper - you need to wrap the lower part of the barrel in several layers. A ruberoid can be positioned around the trunk, but the main thing is to remove it in time so that the greenhouse effect does not work under it with the onset of heat.

Apple trees often suffer from mice. Kapron stocking wrapped in several layers around the trunk will help rodents move away from the trunk. Also suitable plastic mesh. Wrap the barrel should be at a height of at least 1 meter. Observing our simple recommendations for the care of the apple tree "Starkrimson Delishes", you will certainly achieve excellent results, and this tree will take its rightful place in your garden.