Features of the use of the drug "Taboo" for processing potatoes

Every gardener is faced with such a problem as eating potato by the Colorado potato beetle, and is trying to find his ideal remedy to fight this insect. Experience shows that the poison from the Colorado potato beetle, cooked according to "homemade" recipes, does not bring the desired effect, therefore more and more often, potato lovers use Taboo, which does an excellent job with bugs. About how to use "Taboo" for processing potatoes, as well as detailed instructions on the use of the drug, we will consider in this article.

  • Taboo for potato processing - general information
  • Chemical composition and release form
  • The mechanism of action "Taboo"
  • Instructions for use of the drug "Taboo"
    • When to process
    • How to prepare a solution
    • Processing potatoes with the drug "Taboo"
  • Compatibility of the drug with other means
  • Safety measures at work and storage conditions of the drug "Taboo"

Taboo for potato processing - general information

Means "Taboo" for the processing of potatoes is a complex drug that has a rather long duration of validity - 40-45 days. An important advantage of the drug is also its availability and ease of use. Taboo is more expensive than other insecticides, but more effective than them.

Did you know? Although Taboo is a highly effective preparation, it is better to use it alternating with other insecticides for processing potatoes.
The "taboo" of the beetle operates in all weather conditions, which is important, since in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle often it is the external factors that reduce all the efforts of the gardeners to nothing. Thanks to this drug "Taboo" for processing potatoes copes with the task, which is confirmed by reviews of gardeners using this tool.

Chemical composition and release form

Before you start using the drug, you must carefully review the chemical composition of the product. The active ingredient of the drug is imidacloprid, representative of the class of neonicotinoids, at a dosage of 500 g / l. Auxiliary substances are adhesive, antifreeze, thickener, various dispersants, as well as dye and wetting agent. The tool is presented in liquid form. Most often, the suspension can be found in plastic cans at a dosage of 1 liter and 5 liters, although there are also 10 ml glass ampoules for sale.

Important! The drug "Taboo" has passed researchconducted in the period from 2008 to 2010, and showed stunning results: due to the qualitative chemical composition of tuber damage decreased by 84.2%.

The mechanism of action "Taboo"

Thanks to the substances that are part of the drug, "Taboo" blocks the reproduction of insects from the time of planting potatoes. It is a drug with a contact-intestinal action, it penetrates the insect's nervous system and causes paralysis. For several days, the pest stops feeding and dies. In addition, the effect of the drug lies in the fact that after processing the root or soil around the tubers, a useful environment is formed, which helps them develop better.

Did you know? "Taboo" due to its long duration protects the planted material until 2-3 true leaves appear.
The mechanism of action of a taboo also determines the range of its application: It can be used for processing sunflower and corn, beet, rape, soybean, wheat. In addition, the drug acts on pests such as cruciferous, ground ground beetle, cicadas, and grass aphid.

Instructions for use of the drug "Taboo"

Before using the Taboo from the Colorado potato beetle, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the use of an insecticide, since it is a toxic drug, and incorrect use can only harm future root crops.

When to process

Use the "taboo" is necessary in the process of planting potatoes. This is due to the mechanism of action, since the drug is designed specifically for penetration into the root vegetable.

Important! The drug "Taboo" after landing does not apply!

How to prepare a solution

In order for the processing of plants to be successful, it is necessary to know how to breed Taboo for processing potatoes. It is necessary not only to use the drug correctly, but also cook it according to the amount of material you plan to process. For example, for 100 kg of planting material, 1 liter of water and 8 ml of “Taboo” will be enough for you, and for one hundred we need 6500 ml of water and 2.5 liters of the preparation.

Did you know? Store the prepared solution can be no more than 24 hours, so it is recommended to use an insecticide immediately.
During preparation, the solution must be constantly stirred or shaken.

Processing potatoes with the drug "Taboo"

There are two ways to use the drug "Taboo": potato processing and soil treatment. It is most convenient to spray the drug with a special device that will provide a more uniform application.

For pre-treatment of the soil it is necessary to evenly spray the tool along the grooves. Before processing potatoes before planting with the help of the “Taboo” product, the potatoes must be sorted, removing the damaged fruit. Then you need to pour the potatoes on a flat surface and process the liquid. The processed material should dry up for a few minutes, then it can be planted in the ground.

Compatibility of the drug with other means

Taboo can be used with fungicides to prevent not only pest attacks, but also to treat and prevent diseases. The tool is well correlated with such drugs as "Vial Trust", "Bunker" and others.

Important! Before combining the remedies, it is necessary to conduct a test by mixing the preparations, if a precipitate appears as a result of mixing, it is better not to use these remedies simultaneously.

Safety measures at work and storage conditions of the drug "Taboo"

"Taboo" is a very toxic drug, so when working with it, you must protect yourself by wearing gloves and a respirator or using a gauze bandage. As for the possibility of ingestion of the agent into the human body during the use of potatoes, this fact can be eliminated immediately, because all toxic substances leave the root crop before the harvest. Store "Taboo" is recommended in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight and inaccessible to children.

The use of the drug - the process is simple and does not require much effort. The main thing - compliance with the rules of dosage and safety standards, and then your crop will be protected from pests.