How to cook wine from jam

Surely, everyone involved in conservation faced such a problem when it was time to renew supplies for the winter, and there was no room in the storeroom - the shelves were filled with jars of jam prepared in past seasons. And then there is a dilemma, what to do with this good - it seems to be a pity to throw out, but on the other hand - I want to eat only a fresh product. Give a hint - You can make wine from jam at home.

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Homemade wine from jam

You can prepare this delicious alcoholic drink from freshly rolled jam, last year’s and even fermented. The wine comes out of it fragrant and quite fortified: 10-14%. If the jam is candied, then it must be heated to dissolve the sugar.

Important! It is forbidden to use moldy jam, as this can affect both the quality of the wine and adverse effects on your health.

The cooking process is very simple, but long - the wine can be consumed in four to five months. It is necessary to prepare the tank in advance, where the fermentation process will take place. It should be glass. It is advisable to thoroughly wash it with warm soda solution before use and rinse with boiling water. To get the wine, you will need jam and slightly warm boiled water in the ratio of one to one. They need to mix well. To a 3 liter of the mixture add half a cup of sugar and a handful of raisins. The liquid is poured into the container and sent to an unlit place with temperature indicators + 18 ... +25 ° C.

When the pulp (pulp) comes up, the wort should be drained. Then add half a cup of sugar and pour into a prepared clean glass container, closing it with a punctured rubber glove or water seal. To make the future wine ferment well, it is again sent to a dark and warm room, where it is tormented for three months. At the end of this period, the wine drink is bottled using a thin rubber tube so as not to touch the sediment. Usually for a full ripening wine needs a couple more months.

Important! To insist bottled wine they are placed in a dark cold place, having in a horizontal position.

This alcoholic beverage can be prepared from jam, which contains various fruits and berries. The most delicious is obtained from strawberry, currant, raspberry jam. However, this is for our taste. You can experiment, and perhaps your favorite will also be drinks from apple, pear, apricot jam. And you can cook at the same time several types of wine and in the long winter evenings to engage in tasting, choosing the most delicious. Below you will find several recipes for delicious homemade wines made from various jams.

Homemade Wine Jam Recipes

Indeed, a second life in the form of wine can be given to any jam. However, we want to warn you that mixing different jams in the same container is undesirable. It will ruin the taste of the drink.

Important! Since different amounts of sugar are used to make different kinds of jam, it will be a matter of time and your personal taste to choose its proportions when cooking wine. Usually, 20% sugar is added to the total liquid.

Raspberry Jam Wine

To get wine from raspberry jam, you will need a liter jar of jam, 150 g of raisins and two and a half liters of boiled water, cooled to 36-40 ° C. All mix and pour into a container, while filling it two thirds. Then you should act in the same way as when preparing wine from any other jam: put a pierced glove on the neck, place the container in a room without lighting and with a warm temperature for 20-30 days. Drink a strain, pour into a clean container of glass, tightly close the lids. It is necessary to insist on it for three days. After that, without agitating the sediment, bottled. To use the wine will be ready in three days.

Strawberry Jam Wine

For wine from strawberry jam, one of its liter is taken, 130 g of raisins, 2.5 liters of boiled water cooled to warm temperature. Cooking technology is similar to the previous one.

Apple Jam Wine

Wine from apple jam at home is prepared according to this technology: 1 liter of jam is mixed with 1.5 liters of boiled water, 200 g of unwashed rice and 20 g of fresh yeast are added. Yeast is pre-dissolved in a small amount of water. To prepare the wort will need a three-liter bottle. Then - according to the scheme: close with a rubber glove or a water stopper, place in an unlit warm place, wait until the liquid becomes transparent, and the glove is deflated. After that, skip the wine through several layers of gauze, pour into bottles and insist. Add sugar if necessary.

Did you know? Apple wine contains a high amount of pectin and iodine, which is good for the thyroid gland. It also helps to remove excess salts from the human body.

Currant Jam Wine

Components for making wine from currant jam:

  • 1 liter jam of red or black currant (can be assorted);
  • 200 grams of fresh grapes;
  • 200 grams of rice (unwashed);
  • 2 liters of water.
The cooking technology is identical to that described in the previous sections.

Did you know? Wine made from black currant jam can strengthen the walls of human blood vessels.

Cherry Jam Wine

The way how to make wine from cherry jam will also not differ from those given earlier. Only the flavor, taste and color of the finished drink will be different.This wine is prepared from 1 liter of cherry jam (preferably seedless), 100 g of raisins and warm boiled water. We add enough water to fill the three-liter capacity by no more than 75%.

Wine from fermented jam

If you are interested in the question of how to make wine from fermented jam without adding sugar, you can use the following method. Take 3 liters of any jam, add 5 liters of water and, stirring constantly, boil for 3-4 minutes over low heat. Then cool the liquid. Pour the drink into cleanly washed glass containers, filling them with no more than 75% - the remaining space will be needed for carbon dioxide and foam. Raisins are added directly to the bottle.

The containers are closed with punctured rubber gloves. When the wine is fermented, in about 1.5-2 months, the gloves should be blown away, and air will no longer come out of the water seal. In this case, the liquid should be clear. It is bottled using a tube, as in the previously described recipes. The sediment should not fall into the wine.

Did you know? For the preparation of homemade wine fortified from jam instead of water can also be suitable canned last year's compote.

There is a recipe using yeast.However, we want to warn you that this method is undesirable, because you can not ferment wine, but mash. If available, it is best to use wine yeast. In the absence of such, those that are introduced into the dough for baking will do. Do not try to use beer.

So, how to make homemade wine from jam with the addition of yeast:

  • 1 liter of fermented jam;
  • 1 cup rice cereal;
  • 20 g yeast (fresh).

Prepare a clean, three-liter glass sterilized by boiling water. Put all the ingredients in it and add 1 l of boiled water. Capacity closed with a glove or water seal, set in a warm unlit place. After the formation of sediment and when the drink becomes completely transparent, we pour it in bottles. Put the wine in the fridge for a couple of days. If the drink is sour or not very sweet, you can add sugar (20 g / 1 l) or sugar syrup. Spices, such as mint, cinnamon, etc. can also be added to the finished wine drink. Spices will give the wine a stronger aroma and a refined taste.

Wine from old jam

For making wine from old jam at home, the following recipe is suitable:

  • 1 liter of any jam;
  • 0.5 cup of sugar;
  • 1.5 liters of boiled water (warm);
  • 100 g raisins.

Important! Since natural yeast is on the surface of the raisins, without which the fermentation process will not start, it is not necessary to wash it.

For winemaking by this method will need a five-liter glass container. If there is no such thing, then it is necessary to use two three-liter bottles, which are filled with two-thirds of the prepared liquid. All ingredients are mixed and sent for 10 days in a warm place, where no light enters. Instead of sugar, you can also use syrup, dissolving 250 g of granulated sugar in half a liter of water. After 10 days, the raised pulp is removed, the liquid is poured into bottles, rubber gloves are put on their necks, in which holes are cut beforehand to give access to oxygen and gas. Gloves are attached to the neck with threads, rubber bands or ropes. It is also possible to use a water seal.

The bottles are placed in a warm place without lighting for the fermentation process for about 1.5 months. A glove blown away will signal that the wine is fermented. It is filtered through gauze fabric, 0.5 cups of granulated sugar are added and sent for two or three months to infuse in a dark room.After that, again neatly with the help of a tube, bottled and sealed tightly. Two months later, the wine will be completely ready for use.

Storing homemade wine from jam

At the end of fermentation, bottled wine is stored in a dark, cold place. For this perfect fridge or cellar. The main thing is that the temperature does not exceed +16 ° C. Shelf life of wine prepared by himself is three years. Plastic packaging is absolutely not suitable for wine storage, since the substances from which it is made can react with the drink and change its quality, even make it poisonous.

Now you know a few technologies how to make wine from jam at home. And the question of how to empty the shelves of the pantry from the old and fermented supplies, disappears by itself. Prepare the original wine, experiment with recipes, but remember that any alcoholic drink, no matter how tasty it is, should be consumed in small quantities.