A selection of the most popular annual asters

Asters are not only autumn flowers, with which schoolchildren usually go on September 1. This flower has many varieties and varieties, among which there are stunted and medium-growth, annual and perennial. Below we will get acquainted with the most popular annual varieties of asters.

  • Low-growing varieties of asters (up to 25 cm)
    • Astra dwarf royal
    • Astra Baby curb
    • Astra Summer
    • Vologda laces
    • Autumn Olympiad
  • Medium and tall varieties of asters (up to 80 cm)
    • White Tower
    • Blue tower
    • Apollonia of heaven
    • Gonna
    • Gala
    • Blue frost
    • Beatrice yellow
    • Winter cherry
    • Night star
    • Roseanna
    • Blue-eyed

Low-growing varieties of asters (up to 25 cm)

These terry flowers are used for a variety of purposes - for the decoration of flower beds, garden paths and even borders. The most popular in this regard, of course, are undersized varieties of asters, which can be attributed to the universal. Among these colors you can find varieties with very different colors and shape of the basket.

Astra dwarf royal

This variety of asters is considered to be the shortest, since the stems are usually drawn only up to 20 cm in height, and in rare cases they can grow up to 30 cm.But precisely for this reason, the Royal dwarf is the most sought-after aster for borders.

The leaves on the stems of this flower are narrow, the flowers have a lavender-blue color, although there are also varieties with white petals. The bushes are fairly wide and strong, they can reach 25 cm in diameter. The buds themselves are terry, but small, their maximum diameter can reach only 8 cm. attractive to gardeners.

It is recommended to grow this variety with seedlings, which, when the first two true leaves appear, can already be transplanted into open ground. When sowing seeds in April, transplantation is usually done in mid-May. As for sowing seeds in open ground, such a task can be performed in May-June.

Did you know? The dwarf Royal aster has many subspecies, among which you can meet both annual and perennial.

Astra Baby curb

Baby curb has a very attractive needle-like inflorescences.The stems of this variety, even with good dressing and the most favorable conditions, do not grow above 30 cm. The inflorescences on a wide bush, which can also grow to 20 cm, form a lot, their diameter can be 10 cm.

As it becomes clear from the very name of the variety, these asters are best suited for planting on curbs. This contributes to the term of flowering Baby curb, which falls already in the middle of July. If you sow in boxes and then plant seedlings, then you can achieve an earlier appearance of flowers.

Astra Summer

Needle inflorescences are also characteristic of this variety of asters. In addition, the inflorescences of the variety are very large - up to 9 cm. True, such large inflorescences can be achieved only with careful care of flowers, as well as regular feeding. The height of the stems of the variety, as well as in all undersized ones, rarely exceeds 30 cm. The bushes grow very wide, and with thick planting form impregnable fences.

Needle asters Leto delight the eye with its pink inflorescences, which appear in the middle or end of July. They have a long flowering period of 8 to 12 weeks.

Vologda laces

Another undersized variety, refers to the needle-like asters. Astra Vologda lace has white flowers that can grow up to 8 cm in diameter. Shrubs grow very lush, generously decorated with beautiful buds. The height of the stems with careful and regular care can reach 30 cm.

Astra Vologda lace is distinguished by its early flowering period. If you sow the seeds of this variety in early April and plant on the open beds in mid-May - by the end of June, the flowers can already please the first buds. However, if you live in an area with a cold climate and in late spring, this option of disembarking asters is feasible only with the use of a shelter for saplings.

Autumn Olympiad

This variety is suitable for those who are looking for a blue aster with lush needle-like inflorescences. The number of inflorescences on a wide bush can reach 20 pieces, while they can reach 9 cm in diameter. Shrubs under normal conditions of growing on a bed are drawn up only to 25 cm. The Autumn Olympiad begins to bloom in the middle terms, the inflorescences can be preserved until September.

Important! Planting asters is recommended only in well-lit flowerbeds, which are not blown by drafts. If you do not follow this rule, the bushes may grow too high, but fragile, for which reason they will fall to the side or require garters.

Medium and tall varieties of asters (up to 80 cm)

Srednerosly and tall varieties are not suitable for planting near the curbs and garden paths. Such giants look more harmoniously in large flowerbeds. Due to the variety of varieties and their colors, you can create a beautiful landscape composition from asters alone. Let's get acquainted with the most popular varieties that are used for this purpose.

White Tower

This is a very attractive peony-like aster, which blooms with lush, beautiful white inflorescences. On one bush can form from 9 to 12 terry hemispherical terry flowers, the petals of which are very close to each other. Flowers appear on these bushes in the middle of July and can remain on them until November. Long stored and cut asters White Tower - up to 18 days.

This variety tolerates short-term frost well enough, but loves sunlight.For the planting of the Asters, the White Tower will suit any type of soil, but if moisture on the flowerbed stays up or is critically lacking, this variety is unlikely to grow to even short. Seeds before sowing are recommended to soak for 1 day in a growth promoter.

Blue tower

Another representative of tall varieties of asters with peony inflorescences. The flowers on the bushes of these asters are formed very large, can reach a diameter of more than 10 cm. The color of them is very delicate, violet-blue, which gave the name to the variety. The bush itself is quite compact, more pulled up, rather than expanding on the sides. Its stems are dense, about 65 cm high.

The variety will appeal to those who love a long period of asters blooming, which at the Blue Tower lasts from July to the most frost (the flowers tolerate frosts to -4 C). This variety is grown not only for the decoration of flowerbeds, but also for cutting and selling bouquets.

Apollonia of heaven

This annual flower is distinguished by large, densely-budded inflorescences, which are distinguished by their unusual bright celestial color. In diameter, they can reach 10 cm, and on a bush up to 65 cm high, more than ten are formed.In addition to abundant and unusual flowering, the variety also pleases with the early appearance of flowers that remain on the bushes until the frost.


Astra variety Assol is very often used in the design of flower beds, because it refers to the columnar flowers with lush bushes and a large number of inflorescences. In height, a bush of this sort can easily be drawn up to 60 cm, and if it receives regular dressing, then up to 70.

The flowers of these asters are characterized by a rich crimson-red color, as well as a large diameter - about 10-12 cm. They bloom in average time, closer to the end of July, but may persist on the bushes until the first frost.

Did you know? Asters have another official name - callistephus. And in Greek the name "aster" means "star".


Astra Gala is distinguished by a small number of inflorescences (no more than eight are formed on one bush), which reach a diameter of 6-7 cm. This variety of asters is distinguished by their rich blue color, which can strongly contrast with other colors on a flower bed, and therefore Before sowing this variety, you must think carefully about the combination.

Wide and durable bushes of asters Gala are pulled up to 55 cm in height, they are distinguished by very strong stems. The flowering period of the described variety is medium - the first inflorescences appear in early August.

Blue frost

This is another blue aster, which is already clear from the very name. True inflorescences have a paler shade, which, incidentally, does not make the variety less attractive. Shrubs can be stretched to a height of 70 cm, have a columnar shape.

The inflorescences are quite large - up to 11 cm in diameter, which makes the bush very attractive. They bloom in the last weeks of July, sometimes even in early August. But the color will delight the gardener until the late autumn.

Beatrice yellow

This variety is considered to be the most abundantly flourishing among all other varieties of asters. On one rather compact columnar bush with a height of no more than 50 cm, up to 45 inflorescences can be simultaneously formed. Peduncles in the bush are long, but mild. Inflorescences at the same time have very small sizes - from 6 to 8 cm, but they are very lush, which makes them attractive. The color of the inflorescences is clear from the name.

The flowering period of this variety can be 70 days, while within the variety there are both early-flowering and late-flowering species. The best grade is suitable for planting in band or group plantings, in charting which it is very important to take into account the height of the Beatrice aster.

Important! In order for asters to bloom as long as possible, it is important to regularly provide these flowers with watering, remove all weeds from the beds, loosen the soil and not skimp on mineral supplements.

Winter cherry

Astra Winter Cherry is a tall, strong columnar shrub that can stretch up to 60 cm. During the growing season, the inflorescences on the bushes are formed alternately, and their total number can be about 25 pieces. It blooms very lush and long - from July to the first frost, has a very rich and attractive red color. It can be used for any type of planting, but with the obligatory consideration of the height of the bushes.

Given the height and pomp of the bushes of this variety, it is very important not to thicken the planting of this variety. When planting seedlings need to leave between the bushes a distance of 20-30 cm.

Night star

These asters are distinguished by very large pyramidal bushes, which can easily be stretched to a height of 50-55 cm in height. The inflorescences are purple in color and usually reach 12 cm in diameter.Blossom no earlier than mid-July.


Astra Rosanna has very spectacular inflorescences, which retain their beauty for a long time on the bushes. The period of flowering varieties can reach 70 days. At the same time, the bushes of the Roseanna variety are very tall - up to 65 cm, and are sprinkled with dense-budded inflorescences with dense petals bent towards the center. The inflorescences can reach in diameter about 8-10 cm, and their number on one bush is 10 pieces.


About the color of the inflorescences of this variety asters says its name - they are lilac-blue in color. Inflorescences with a diameter of 11 cm are formed on wide and durable bushes up to 55 cm in height. The first asters on the bushes of this variety appear as early as July and can remain until October.

Among the abundance of annual asters, every gardener will be able to choose the variety that best adorn his flower bed. At the same time, depending on the height of the bush, asters can be planted not only in the center of the flower beds, but also as a decoration of garden paths or near fences. Asters are good because they have a rather long flowering period, which can be preserved in frost-resistant varieties until November.