Tips and tricks for watering pepper seedlings: the correct frequency and volume of watering, the differences in watering before and after picking, than watering for good growth

Many gardeners believe that for an excellent crop of pepper, you must select the appropriate variety, place to plant and water a couple of times a week.

But it is not so. This vegetable is very fond of water and in order to grow a large and sweet fruit, it is necessary to water the seedlings of pepper correctly and in time.

How to determine whether enough moisture plants?

The soil must always be kept wet.. If the earth dries out even for a while, it will adversely affect the plants. But too much to pour seedlings should not, it can lead to rotting of the root system and it will die, or stop growing altogether.

Be sure to make drainage holes that will help get rid of excess water.

To accurately determine whether there is enough water in the ground for a plant, there are a couple of simple methods:

  • Get some ground from the depth of the container where the pepper is planted and form a ball. If there is enough moisture, the ball will not fall apart, and when the opposite is the case, then watering is needed.
  • With a finger or a wand, make a small indentation. If there is enough moisture, the finger or wand will be wet, and if it is not enough, it will be dry.

How to water seedlings of pepper for growth?

In order for plants to grow strong and healthy, their should always be watered with warm and separated water. For this, too much is not needed. In the evening, fill the containers for watering and cover them with any lid.

Also you can water the plants with melt water. In such cases, pick up empty bottles or cans with cold water and put them in the freezer to freeze them completely. Then thawed and brought to a warm state. But this method takes too much time.

Remember! Shoots should not be watered with cold tap water. In such cases, the plant can infect a disease called "Black Leg" and it will disappear.

How often to water the seedlings of pepper on the window?

The need for moisture depends on many factors of this vegetable:

  • From age. Watering seedlings of peppers after sowing seeds do not produce until the first sprouts. While the plants are small, the water will not need too much, but as they grow, the volume will increase, and watering must be regular. Read more about seed preparation before planting.
  • Planting density. When the seedlings are planted too close to each other, the soil dries quickly and it is necessary to water it very often without letting it dry out.
  • From quantities of land. If it is not enough, then watering is done as often as possible, and if it is a lot, then it is several times less.
Tip! Watering pepper plants is necessary in the morning.

How to water the seedlings of peppers?

First, decide what kind of soil and only then water it.

  • Type in the tank water, defended in the evening or thawed.
  • Get started water slowly, so that water does not fall on the leaves of seedlings. If water does get in, try to wipe it off gently.

Watering after picking

Watering seedlings of peppers after picking seedlings will change a little. Immediately after transplanting into the open ground, in the hole where the seedlings are planted, pour in water, wait a few minutes and sprinkle it gently with earth. So the moisture will linger long in the soil.

After that, the first time the plants are watered only after five days. In the future, watering produce once or twice a week, depending on soil moisture.

Tip! In order for the seedlings of pepper to grow strong, you need to pour it with a tea top dressing. Take three liters of boiling water, pour unused tea leaves and wait until the liquid reaches room temperature.

What mistakes do gardeners make when watering?

Since pepper is a moisture-loving plant, everyone thinks that during the heat it needs to be watered not only in the morning, but in the afternoon. It's not like that at all. After all, the water that has fallen on the leaves dries quickly and leaves behind big burns. After a couple of watering you will notice the missing leaves.

All this will lead to slow growth and subsequently to the curved small fruits of pepper. It is not necessary to water the seedlings with a small amount of water, since the earth will be wet only from above, but it will not reach the roots.

Tip! To prevent your seedlings from getting sick, for prevention, make a solution of a 0.2% solution of calcium nitrate and horsetail decoction.

How to water in greenhouses?

Watering pepper in greenhouses is slightly different from watering in the open field or at home:

  • Watering type: automatic, mechanical, manual.
  • Watering frequency. Even if the temperature on the thermometer is very high, the seedlings should be watered no more than in 2-3 days.
  • Air humidity. With a strongly increased moisture level of the plant, the aphid covers, from which it can quickly die.

If you follow the above irrigation rules, at the end of the year your seedlings will give you a tasty and excellent harvest.

So, we told how to water the seedlings of pepper at home, how many times to do it, than to water the seedlings of pepper for growth? Irrigation mode before and after picking.

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