If there are lice in the apartment: what kinds are there and how to fight them?

Sometimes while taking a shower, you can find an unpleasant surprise under your feet - a small unpleasantly outwardly creature that looks like a mustache.
Often, because of ignorance of these creatures, they are really mistaken for beetles, centipedes, and even silverfish (although apparently there are no similarities with the latter). However, this is only a common wood lice (battleship), completely harmless, but from this no less unpleasant creature.
In this article we will talk about how to get rid of wood lice in your house. Most people believe that these unusual creatures are dangerous, can bite or are carriers of various diseases.
In this article, myths relating to woodlice will be debunked, the reasons for their occurrence and methods of deliverance, as well as many other interesting facts will be described.

General information

Presently science knows 3,600 woodliceliving around the world both on land and in water. Woodfowl are the ancestors of crustaceans that developed in the aquatic environment, and then they moved to the land. Certain species have adapted to different habitats, so that they can survive in all conditions.Their strong shell, like a shield, provides a reliable barrier against external factors (temperature and pressure drops). The only condition that prevents their existence is a dry microclimate. Mokrits always need a moist environment, otherwise they dry out and die. Insects are omnivores.

Their digestive system can digest the waste of other animals and insects, cellulose, and even some poisons. Licks quickly multiply. Females lay eggs at a rate of 30 eggs per day. The uterus stores the eggs in a special bag on its body, until the moment of their opening. The size of individuals at birth is about 2 mm.

Most often wood lice are noticed in autumn. Habitat - wet and dark areas of the house, as well as under the stones in the gardens. As soon as the cold comes, they move inside the premises in search of a warm place. The lice will stop where it will be warm and wet. Food and other conditions play a secondary role.

Attention! Mokritsa is not a pest - they damage property, do not attack people, do not steal food. Only occasionally can eat the roots or leaves of flowers. But the scale will be very small.1 gram of sugar is enough for woodlouse to eat for several months.


It does not tolerate infection and does not bite. They can be beneficial - when flower pots are buried in the ground and they eat rotten leftovers, providing oxygen to the root and improving soil quality. In temperate climates, there may be several types of woodlice.

Armadillidium vulgare

It is one of the most common species. Armadillos, despite their small size, an important role in the decomposition and utilization of cellulose, also process the waste of other types into fertilizers. Their usual habitat - leaves, rotted shrubs, rhizomes.

Armadillo is sometimes called rolls. This is due to their ability to curl into small balls, when the outer cuticle forms a semblance of armor on the outside, protecting their soft insides in a minute of danger, just like hedgehogs do.

Porcellio scaber

It is another most common species, which is often called quite officially - goose-lice. This is a smaller representative of a large family of woodlice, relative to the previous species.The porcell does not have the ability to curl.

The hard outer shell of wood lice, or exoskeleton is constantly updated. The process takes place in two stages. First, the back half of the shell falls off, and then, after two or three days, the front part changes. Nature has provided such an algorithm that the creature does not remain without protection for a long time.

The battleship ordinary

The body length reaches 15 mm. Adult invertebrate specimen of dark color with elongated body and clearly separated sections. Mustaches and paws (19 pairs) can be seen from under the armor.

The crustacean is active at night, during the day it prefers to rest. It feeds mainly on plant foods. In dangerous situations it is twisted into a ball.


Insect, also does not represent harm to humans. It feeds on insects, flies, pests. It does not attack people. In case of poison on the skin, it can cause allergies (most often, redness, less often - scabies).


The silverfish is a small insect, with an oblong body and a large number of legs, which provide it with a fast speed of movement.

It feeds on small insectsincluding ticks that harm a person.


Another name - earwigs belong to the class of insects. They live in dark, wet areas. In the living rooms, they fall by chance. If you do not disturb the dvuhvostoku, she leaves herself. In contact with a person, it can sting. The poison is not lethal and not dangerous, only causes a slight burning sensation.


Individuals reach 20 mm in length, have a wide shell, powerful, rigid legs. Mostly possess in water, can live in littered works, clogged water filters or water glasses. Completely harmless to humans.They feed exclusively on waste and garbage, including inorganic ones.

IMPORTANT! If you live close to the sea, the appearance of wood lice, most likely, is random and does not indicate a high humidity in the house.

How to get rid of them?

Woodfrikes are harbingers of dampness and mold. They warn the landlord that a source of damp and moisture is somewhere nearby. The easiest way to get rid of them is to create a dry microclimate, then they will leave themselves. Without a source of moisture, woodlice cannot successfully increase their population.

Emergency methods of struggle

  • Salt.

    Pour a layer (1-1.5 cm) around the perimeter of the nest, from where the woodlice climb.
    The most effective method violates the water-electrolyte balance and woodlouse dehydrated.
    The method is classic and fast, but it helps only for a short period of time. To completely get rid of them will have to find their shelter and remove it.

  • Boric acid.

    This insecticide drug has a pronounced food toxic effect for insects and does little harm to the human body. It is supposed that woodlice should swallow boric acid capsules, but they also feel poison and avoid it.
    However, the harm of acid evaporation is enough to kill even an adult large individual.

  • A mixture of hot red pepper, tobacco and soda ash.

    This bundle effectively fights against woodlice, but it is not recommended for use in residential areas.
    Red pepper and tobacco has an increased volatility of essential oils and small particles.
    Invasion should be carried out in a room that is well ventilated.
    It is recommended to wait a couple of hours after processing in order to avoid large amounts of pepper falling into the lungs.

Moisture measurement

This method is not thoroughly accurate, but it is very simple and does not take much time.

  1. You need to dial a full glass of cold water, and place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, until it is time until the water has reached a temperature of 4-6 ºС. Then move the glass of water to the room where you need to measure the humidity, install it away from heaters and batteries.
  2. If the surface of the glass is first covered with condensation and sweating, and over the next 10 minutes is completely dry - the humidity level in the room is low.
  3. If, on the contrary, condensate in the form of droplets forms on the wall, the humidity is increased.
  4. If after ten minutes the surface of the glass has not dried, but it has not flowed, then the humidity level is normal.

To adjust the level of moisture - use an air dryer. This is a simple cheap device, sold in the department of household appliances. It will help in a matter of hours to change the humidity and get rid of woodlice.


Summing up, it can be noted that woodlice are not insects, but crustaceans, which means insecticides are ineffective and will cause more harm to humans than these small creatures.They are not pests, but only signal high humidity, possible problems with sewage or pipe breakthrough. It is easier to reduce the humidity, thereby creating conditions that are unsuitable for their life, than to eliminate it by rigid methods.

If the cause of the appearance is not eliminated, other individuals will soon take their place. Remember that they fight with dangerous pests, relieve you of the need to poison them and yourself with dangerous drugs.