We plant apple tree "Medunitsa": all about the features of the variety, planting and care

Today we will get acquainted closer with such a wonderful variety of apples as "Medunitsa".

This variety has many distinctive qualities that make it unique and give superiority over other apples.

First of all, this is its unusual honey taste, thanks to which the variety got its name.

Honey "Medunitsa" - description of the variety

Fruit of this sort ripen in the summer. At the same time, the variety is considered one of the most productive, delighting its owners with a large number of unique fruits. The parents of Medunitsa are Russian scientists who, as a result of crossing the apple varieties Welsey and Cinnamon Striped, obtained this wonderful, sweet fruit variety.

Fruits of a grade "Medunits"

Dimensions fruits of this variety medium. En masse they reach only 90-100 grams. The shape of the most common flat-rounded or conical-rounded apples. By the top of the fruit, slight ribbing is noted.

Main Colour apples greenish yellowcovered with a blush of reddish color "blush", presented in the form of red-brown stripes. The skin is smooth, without hardened areas, very dense.

The color of the pulp is yellowish.By structure, it is quite dense and very juicy. Its chemical composition contains about 14% sugar, while the acidity is almost not felt when consumed.

Ascorbic acid content in 100 grams of fruit pulp is about 7.8 mg. Taste fruit is described as sweet honey, because of what the fruits of this variety are considered the sweetest among all other apples.

Apple "Medunitsa" have a dietary appointment. Their taste is not lost, but rather gaining a more pronounced and strong taste while lying.

Description of the apple tree varieties "Medunitsa"

Tree this variety tall and reaches a rather large size during the period of active fruiting. Crown shape wood wide pyramidal. The branches of a tree are of the skeletal type, from the trunk they move at an acute angle.

The two-year-old wood, represented by twigs and stones, is the main fruit-bearing organ of the tree. Ripening harvest in the second half of August, but due to the size of the tree and the different shade of the fruit, they ripen not at the same time. However independently fruits are not showered.

The first harvests the tree gives as early as 5 years after planting the seedling. A distinctive feature of the tree of this variety is that even under adverse conditions for pollination fruiting occurs regularly, and the fruits do not lose their size and taste.

Now about the shoots of the tree

Shoots wood of this variety have a light brown color. In shape, they are rounded and slightly omitted. On the shoots formed leaves, which may have different sizes. The color of the leaves is dull green. They are epileptic in shape, the leaf plate is bent in the center. The leaves are rough to the touch, covered with fine wrinkled, as if displaced relief.

What are the advantages of the variety?

Fruit of this sort ripen early and delight with their unique honey taste. Shelf life fruit is a little more than a month and a halfthat for summer varieties is a very long period.

The fruits do not crumble when ripe, and in the process of preserving their taste becomes even more saturated. They are considered dessert, dietary fruits.

High yield and regular. In addition to the taste of the fruit, this variety pleases gardeners high tolerance of winter frosts and resistance to scab and fruit rot.

But there are also disadvantages in Medunitsa.

Fruits ripen non-simultaneous, which puzzles gardeners, because the exact time for their breaking is difficult to determine.In addition, the large and vigorous tree "Medunitsy" complicates the process of harvesting and occupies a lot of space in the garden.

The rules of planting varieties of apple "Medunitsa"

Despite the fastidiousness of this variety and its high survival rate to various conditions, there are certain indications to the characteristics of planting this tree, we will consider them in detail.

Correctly choose the time for landing

To choose the right time for planting seedlings, you must first pay attention to the climate of the area. Autumn planting of apple trees is recommended for Southern and Central Climatic zones of Russia, where the snow cover remains high enough until the end of winter.

Landed apple trees starting from the last week of September to mid-November, in such a way that the tree was planted 2-3 weeks before the onset of frost. In snowy regions of apple trees are better planted in the spring, after the final thawing of the soil.

Also, if the groundwater in your garden is very close and you are going to plant trees in the ridges, then spring is also considered the best time for planting.

Soil requirements

Apple trees are very fond of fertile, nutritious and well-soaked soil. The best option is loam with a good drainage system and water permeability of the soil, which will be able to protect the powerful root system "Medunitsa" from zamovanie.

It is worth noting that in addition to the features of the soil tree highly demanding and to the landing site in terms of spatial distribution. Apple tree very loves sunshine therefore, it should be planted in open areas, and the garden should be laid in such a way that the trees do not overlap the light to each other, since they are very large.

Basic rules for planting apple tree seedlings directly Lungwort

  1. The pit for planting an apple should be dug in 2-3 weeks. This will allow the fertilizer applied to decompose and the soil to settle. The dimensions of the pit should be 2 times the size of the root system of the seedling (since at the bottom we fall asleep in the form of a slide a mixture of soil and fertilizer, and we plant a tree on them).
  2. Consider the necessary distance between the apple trees. For such a vigorous tree, yak "Medunitsa", the distance between the trees in the same row should be about 4.5 meters, and between the rows - 5 meters.
  3. Before planting, it is important to dig the whole earth around the pit so that it can be well saturated with oxygen and feed the roots of the seedling.
  4. When planting directly, make sure that the root neck is about 8-10 centimeters higher than the soil level. When the soil subsides, it will then independently fall to the desired level, but in no case should it be covered with earth.
  5. It is very important during the first two years of growth that the seedling is tied to an even peg. Firstly, it will save it from the wind and from the danger of being broken, and secondly, it will help to grow an even tree.
  6. After planting, it is important to water the sapling with 2-3 buckets of water, regardless of the degree of soil moisture.

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We care for the apple tree correctly

Proper care of fruit trees is always the key to a good year. Apple tree "Medunitsa" is also no exception.

Periodically, it always requires attention from the entire host, even if it grows on fertile soils and is surrounded by favorable external conditions. In particular, this concerns regular pruning, which is recommended for this variety in March.

Watering the apple tree: does he need

In fact apple tree is not very demanding for wateringbecause its powerful root system is able to get the necessary amount of water for itself even in hot weather. However, if the drought period is delayed, watering is still worth it, and regularly putting about 5 buckets of water into the soil around the apple tree (depending on the tree's age).

But we do water the apple trees all the time, simply together with water we feed from various fertilizersthus performing two important elements of tree care at the same time.

However, do not forget that Apple tree highly afraid of excess waterTherefore, it is important to ensure that, out of good intentions, you do not harm your tree. In addition, in the summer time you can cause root rot, copious amounts of water can reduce the taste of the fruit.

We fertilize our tree

To stimulate tree growth in the years after planting, it is important to add urea to the soil in the spring. In late spring and early summer, apple trees require fertilizers such as sodium humate, in early autumn - potassium phosphate fertilizers.

Also, it has a very good effect on both the growth of the tree and the formation of fruits. fertilizing with nitrogen containing substances. When buying any type of fertilizer carefully read the instructions, swinging the required amount for a one-time feeding of apple. After all, a surplus of such can have a negative impact on the growth of the tree.

Winter care for the apple tree

Before the onset of winter frosts, the circle of the apple tree is gradually lined with a thick layer (about 10 centimeters) of various solid fertilizers (meaning peat and humus). In snowy winters, the thickness of this layer can be increased by scooping up more snow to the trunk.

Also, it is important to be attentive to young seedlings. In the winter, especially it is important to tie to the peg, because from the severity of the fallen snow, it can very easily break.

Pest control and protection

Apple variety "Medunitsa" resistant to fungal infections and other pests of fruit trees. However, in adverse years, and it can get sick. To prevent unpleasant events, it is important regularly in spring and autumn to whiten a tree trunk. This will protect it from fungal and leafworm damage.

Also, from scab tree at least once a season you need sprinkle with special mixtureswhich are sold in specialized stores.

In winter, for an apple tree, rodents are a great danger, which with great pleasure feed on its bark. Therefore, before winter it is recommended to tie the trunk wood lapnik or wrap it with ruberoid.