Production of bio-fertilizers in Ukraine expands

In Ukraine, intends to build three factories for the production of biological products based on soil bacteria. According to information received from the Public Relations Department of the Department of Agrarian and Industrial Development of the Volyn Oblast State Administration, one of these three plants will be built in the Volyn Oblast. The need for production is related to the fact that foreign farms widely use these preparations, which have already been studied at Volyn agribusinesses, in particular, at the Kamaz-Agro agrofirm and GP Luga Nova Agrofirm.

The director of the Kamaz-Agro agrofirm, Nikolay Koshel, said that one of the proposed preparations was used for processing sugar beet crops, the yield of which was 802 c / ha. He also noted that in the future he will work in this direction: "It is important to preserve the humus layer of the soil and its composition, because this is our future."