The Russian government has approved new rules for subsidizing milk producers

The Russian government recently approved new rules that will determine the procedure for federal appointments of subsidies for the development of dairy cattle breeding. Almost 8 billion rubles were allocated in the budget to implement this program in 2017.

In accordance with a government decree, the following changes were made in relation to the rules for granting subsidies and distribution of 1 kilogram of milk sold and (or) for processing in the house:

- The rules that had to be fulfilled in order to receive subsidies for the highest grade and (or) first grade of cow milk and goat milk were replaced with the main criteria: milk must comply with the technical regulations of the Customs Union;

- The multiplied coefficient will be used at the facilities of the Russian Federation, where milk production during the reporting period exceeds 5000 kilograms.

The amount of the subsidy will depend on the ratio of milk productivity during the fiscal year.