A selection of the best recipes for harvesting mountain ash (chokeberry) black chokeberry for the winter

Aronia berries can stay on the tree for a long time if the birds do not eat them. They can be used fresh, and you can make them a variety of blanks. About how to harvest the black wolf for the winter, our next material.

  • Harvesting berries of chokeberry
  • Recipes for chokeberry rowanberry jam
    • Chokeberry Jam
    • Chokeberry and Apple Jam
    • Chokeberry Jam with Nuts
  • Chokeberry Jam
  • Recipes compote rowania Aronia
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  • Aronia vinegar
  • Rowanberry Marmalade
  • Chokeberry Jelly

Harvesting berries of chokeberry

In order to get tasty pieces and meet the expectations, you need to know when to pick berries. The ideal time for removal is called the beginning of autumn - September-October. Then the crop reaches its full maturity, it can be saved for the long winter months and used as a preventive measure for various diseases.

Important! Gather the berries, cutting off the scissors with a brush with fruits and putting them in shallow containers.By hanging them in a cold place, protected from sunlight, you can have fresh fruit on hand all winter. It can be a cellar, an attic, a closet on the balcony. It is important that the temperature of the air during storage does not rise above 5 ° C.

If you want to get a berry with a maximum concentration of useful substances, collect it after the first frost. It is then that she gets her best taste. And now let's see what can be made of black wolf.

Recipes for chokeberry rowanberry jam

The first thought that arises when you wish to procure black chokeberry is jam. There are many options for making jam from this berry, but the preparatory stages of their preparation are about the same.

Did you know? In the people, the black chokeberry is often called the black-fruited, and its scientific name is aronia, more precisely, Michonin aronia. It is incredibly high in vitamin C, almost the same as in lemon. And vitamin P is two times more than in black currant. It also contains a huge amount of iodine - four times more than gooseberry and raspberry.

When it comes time to make harvesting for the winter of chokeberry, it is important to properly heat-treat the berries. It turns out that the fruits are dry, so before you boil them, it is recommended to soften them a bit. This is done by successively lowering them for 3–5 minutes, then in boiling water, then in cold water. After the procedure, the fruit is poured into a colander, allowed to drain and only then proceed to the preparation of jam or other preparations.

Chokeberry Jam

For the preparation of the mixture is not profitable, because hard rowan berries are cooked for a long time. First, half a pound of water is poured into a pound of sugar and the syrup is prepared. They are poured berries, prepared according to the above principle, and set on fire. When the mass boils, it is kept on the fire for about five minutes, stirring constantly, and then removed and left for about 8 hours or a little more. This time is necessary so that the berries are soaked in syrup. After that, the rest of the sugar is added to the mixture and the container is again set on fire. Stir, boil until the syrup thickens.

Lay out the jam in jars, roll covers, usually metal. You can close and polyethylene. Some housewives even close the banks with a film and fasten them with a cord moistened with water. When it dries, it is tightened, creating tightness.

Black chokeberry jam can be made without sugar. It is especially useful in this form for people suffering from diabetes. For its preparation, a bulk container is taken, a rag is placed on its bottom, and jars filled with prepared berries are placed on top. The water is poured into the container so that it reaches the hangers of the cans, and on a small fire it is brought to a boil. As soon as they settle in the cans of berries, they should be gradually filled. The cooking process takes about 40 minutes. When the jam in them will be ready, the banks alternately reach and roll.

Chokeberry and Apple Jam

In this case, take half the chokeberry berries, half the apples. Apples must also be blanched for at least three minutes in boiling water. From the remaining water after this procedure, syrup is prepared for jam: water is set on fire, sugar is added and, when it is completely dissolved, removed from the heat. Add berries and apples to it and leave them for about four hours. Then put on the fire, boil after boiling for about five minutes and again allow to stand for three hours. So do a few times as long as the berry does not soften.Only after that you can lay out the mixture on the banks and roll covers.

Chokeberry Jam with Nuts

Aronia can be prepared not only independently, recipes often involve the addition of other fruits and even nuts to the jam. To make such an unusual jam, you need to take a kilogram of chokeberry, 300 g apples of the Antonovka variety, 300 grams of walnuts, lemon and a half kilogram of sugar.

Prepared berries pour boiling water overnight. In the morning, take this infusion and add sugar to make a syrup. In a boiling solution put berries, crushed nuts, sliced ​​apples and boil in three doses for 10 minutes. Prepare a lemon in advance: scald, peel, cut and remove the bones. At the last cooking of the mixture, add it. When the jam is ready, the container should be covered with a cotton cloth, covered with a lid of the same diameter and left to soften the berry. Then the jam is laid out on the banks and rolled.

Chokeberry Jam

Dwarf is harvested in different ways, the recipes for the winter involve the preparation of jam or, as we used to call it, jam. To do this you need about a pound of sugar and a kilogram of berries. Fruits are prepared for cooking, then poured into a container and covered with sugar. They should be left until they let the juice. This usually takes 3 to 5 hours. After this, the container is put on the stove, the contents are brought to a boil, they reduce the heat and cook for an hour, stirring constantly.

When the mixture has cooled down, rub it through a sieve or chop the berries with a blender. The future jam is set on fire again and cooked until it thickens. Hot laid out on sterile jars and roll. Used as a dessert or base to sauces.

Did you know? If you have a freezer or a bulk freezer, you can freeze the berries. To do this, they need to be washed, dried, separated from the stem, decomposed into portions and put in the freezer.

Recipes compote rowania Aronia

In winter, chokeberry compotes can be made from frozen berries, or canned can be used in the fall. There are several interesting recipes for making black wort compote for the winter.

Chokeberry Compote

The easiest recipe for making compote is to pour the berries with hot syrup once.Prepared for canning berries scatter on banks for a third of their volume. Then prepare a syrup of water and sugar in a ratio of 2: 1: sugar is diluted in water, brought to a boil and cook for about 5 minutes. Hot syrup is poured over the cans with berries, immediately rolled up with metal lids. Banks turn over, wrap and allow to cool. After that, the workpiece can be lowered into the cellar.

Compote can be prepared in another way. Pour boiled water over the berries poured into the jars, and then pour the entire contents into the container along with the berries. The mixture is boiled until the berries burst, then add sugar and boil for 10 minutes. Only then compote is poured into the banks and rolled up. However, it is believed that with this method of preparation a lot of useful substances are lost.

Compote from chokeberry with sea buckthorn

Great for the winter will be a companion with black sea buckthorn. To do this, take the berries in a ratio of 1: 2, washed, cleaned and laid out on a clean towel. While the berries are drying, the banks are sterilized by steam and the syrup is boiled: 130 g of sugar are added to 3 liters of water. The berries are laid out on the banks so that they fill up to a third, and then pour the syrup to the neck. The filled cans are placed in a container with water, which is brought to a boil and kept in this state for half an hour, if the three-liter cans are 20 minutes, and if the two-liter cans are 10 minutes. Then roll up, turn over, wrap and soak for several days.

Important! Compote in the winter can be prepared from dried berries. To do this, they can be washed, separated from the stalks, spread out in a single layer on paper and dried, stirring occasionally. The room where they are dried must be ventilated with a temperature not exceeding 50 ° C. When using ovens, the beneficial properties of the berry are lost.

Compote from chokeberry with citrus

A great compote assortment turns out, especially if citrus fruits are added to it. The most popular can be called a black apple compote with a lemon, the recipe of which is given below. The basic process of cooking is the same as described above, only with the berries in the jars add lemon slices. You can add an orange or two citrus fruits together. Then the banks are poured with boiling water, allowed to infuse for five minutes, and the water is poured into a separate pan, on which syrup is prepared at the rate of two glasses of sugar per can.The syrup, brought to a boil, is poured into jars with berries and citrus and rolled up with lids. Banks are turned over, left overnight, and in the morning they are lowered into the cellar.

Syrup from mountain ash

Aronia syrup is considered healthy and tasty. To do this, take prepared in advance, but already dried berries of chokeberry and fall asleep in three-liter jars to the shoulders. Add three tablespoons of citric acid (30 g) and pour boiling water over the neck. Covering jars on top of gauze or saucer, leave for a couple of days.

After this period, the water is drained through a strainer into a saucepan, sugar is added at the rate of one and a half kilograms per three liters of water and put on the fire. The syrup must be constantly stirred and heated until the sugar has melted, it is not necessary to bring to the boil. When sugar dissolves, remove from heat and allow to cool. The finished syrup is poured into sterile containers, covered with lids and sent to a dark, dry place. It does not have to be cold. Even in a warm room, the syrup can be stored for several years.

Chokeberry juice

Aronia juice will also be useful. To prepare it, you will need a liter of fresh chokeberry juice, a liter of apple juice and about 50 grams of sugar.Juices of berries and apples are mixed, heated, add sugar, put on a slow fire and bring to a boil. Then poured over the banks and roll covers. Banks must first be sterilized for less than 15 minutes.

Rowan black chokeberry wine

Fans of hard liquor prepare wine from chokeberry, which pleasantly pleases not only with taste, but also with color. In addition, 200 g of such a drink per day will fill the body with a huge amount of nutrients and vitamins, normalizes pressure, improves the bowels, sleep, eyesight. To prepare the wine, take a bottle of 10 liters and pour into it 2 kg of berries, which were previously crushed in a meat grinder. One and a half kilograms of sugar is poured there. The more berries there are, the richer the drink will be. Sometimes for taste throw a handful of raisins or gray rice, they also contribute to a more active formation of wine yeast. They put a medical rubber glove on the bottle, which pierces the middle finger, and puts it in a warm dark place. Every day, shake without removing the gloves.

After three days, two liters of cold boiled water and a glass of sugar are added to the bottle.Then it is closed again with a glove and returned to the place, shaking every day. The procedure is repeated two more times every 10 days. Wine will be ready in 33 days.

If no rice or raisins are added to the mixture, the first procedure should be done after 10 days, when yeast is formed. This wine is prepared 40 days. It can be drained when the glove is lowered. If it is inflated, it is necessary to endure a few more days.

Merged wine must be brewed for a couple of days. Then it is poured into a container so that the precipitate does not fall. Manipulations are repeated every 2 to 3 days until a completely clear wine is formed. You can store it in a jar or bottle, closed with a lid.

Pouring of chokeberry

Homemade chokeberry rowan can be stronger. To make a berry liqueur, the washed fruit is poured into a three-liter jar to the shoulders, poured half a kilo of sugar and poured with vodka. From the edge of the neck should be 2 cm of free space. As a rule, a three-liter jar takes a half kilogram of berries and a little more than a liter of vodka. The jar is closed with parchment paper, folded in three layers, or with a nylon lid and dipped in a cellar or placed in a refrigerator. After two months, you can get it and bottle it. The tincture is also stored in a cool place.

Aronia vinegar

HaveXus from chokeberry is rich in healthy substances and gives the dishes a special aroma, taste and color. To prepare it, you need to wash the berries, chop and pour water in a ratio of 1: 1. Then add 20 g of dried black bread, 50 g of sugar, 10 g of dry yeast per liter of the mixture. The liquid is left to ferment at room temperature for 10 days. After this period, 50 g of sugar is added to it. After a couple of months, the vinegar is ready. It is bottled, sealed and stored in a dark place.

Rowanberry Marmalade

From the fruit of the blackberry rowan is obtained a delicious marmalade. Take ripe berries, preferably those that have already been under the frost. Wash them, remove them from the stalks and prostrate them in salted water. Put in a saucepan, pour in some water and boil berries. After that, they should be slightly kneaded, rubbed through a sieve and mashed potatoes again put on the fire, adding sugar. Stir in the mixture continuously, until it thickens. At 2 kg of berries will need about a kilogram of sugar.

While the mass cools, take a baking sheet, close it with parchment and sprinkle with sugar. Put on it the cooled mass and put in a hot oven.Marmalade kept in it until the formation of a crust. When you get it, sprinkle with powdered sugar with vanilla, cut into slices and store in a closed container.

Chokeberry Jelly

Aloes jelly is also excellent in taste. Per kilogram of fruit you will need half a liter of water and 700 g of sugar. Enumerated, washed and blanched berries should be poured into a container, filled with hot water and boiled until they soften. Then remove from heat, let cool, and squeeze the mass through gauze. In the resulting liquid, add sugar and again put on the fire, but already slow. Bring to a boil, keep on fire for 15 minutes. While the liquid is not cooled, it is poured into cans, sterilized beforehand. They are covered with lids or parchment, tightly tying the neck.

Chokeberry - treasure trove of various nutrients. To use it in the winter and spring during the period of beriberi, you can prepare it for the winter. In addition to drying and freezing berries, there are many recipes for preparing other blanks from it: jams, jams, juices, compotes, syrups, liqueurs, wine. In addition, excellent jelly and marmalade are made from it.No matter how you prepare the berries, they will keep the substances important for the body and excellent taste for a long time.