The list of varieties of Cannes flowers with photos and descriptions

Cannes are planted in gardens, flower beds and flower beds not only for the sake of beautiful and unusual in shape flowers. This plant is not very interesting to pests, it easily withstands drought, does not require special care. But during flowering, from June to October, your plot will look like a tropical garden.

Canna flower is large and bright, long leaves give it a decorative effect, for which landscape designers appreciate it very much. Today around the world grows about a thousand species of Cannes, which are divided into low, medium and high.

But we want to talk about those varieties of cannes that feel good in our climate.

  • Yellow Humbert
  • Lucifer (Lucifer)
  • Louis Kayeux
  • Rosenkranzen (Rosenkransen)
  • Lucica (Lucica)
  • Canna discolor
  • Maestro (Maestro)
  • Sueviia
  • Chichinaw
  • Faye Bird (Fire Bіrd)
  • Wyoming
  • Picasso (Picasso)
  • Black Knight

Did you know? Kannu (Canna) belongs to the Kannov family, in which they are the only representatives. But the varieties of this flower are amazing. They differ in size, color, not only flowers but also leaves. Culture grows in the wild. The flower can be found on highly moist soil: on the banks of streams, rivers, lakes. As a cultivated plant appeared in Europe in the XVI century.

Yellow Humbert

The variety has a special beauty. Large asymmetric flowers keep on short stalks, form paniculate inflorescences. Have an orange-yellow color, but do not indulge in aroma.

The leaves are colored green, have an oval pointed shape. Grow up to 40 cm in length and 30 cm in width. The plant itself can stretch up to 1.2 m, and the flower can reach 13 cm in diameter.

Lucifer (Lucifer)

If you want to create a tropical area on the plot, plant a cannou Lucifer. Bright red flowers have a yellow border and reach up to 12 cm in diameter.

The foliage is green, wide, with slightly wavy edges. Flowering lasts from July to October. In height, the plant is pulled up to 0.8 m, the flower in diameter reaches 12 cm.

Louis Kayeux

This variety produces pink flowers about 12 by 12 cm and also with a yellow border. The leaves of the plant is dark green, and reaches a height of 130 cm.

Important! In the landscape design, canna is perfectly combined with a seaside baptismal, undersized coleus, cerastia.

Rosenkranzen (Rosenkransen)

Canna with such a complex name gives flowers of size 13 by 13 cm orange color with a yellow border. Arrow with inflorescences surrounded by green foliage. In height the plant can reach 130 cm.

Lucica (Lucica)

Beautiful small flowers (8 by 8 cm) of this variety have a juicy yellow color with bright red dots. The leaves of the plant are green, and it itself is stretched to a height of 70 cm.

Canna discolor

Canna is red, which is valued not so much for red flowers, as for huge cherry-maroon leaves. The flowers are small, about 3 cm wide, and 5 cm long. They bloom in the second half of June and continue to bloom until frost. The plant has a height of 100-110 cm.

Maestro (Maestro)

Bright inflorescences of crimson-pink color at the edges are slightly shaded yellow. Flower parameters: 9 cm wide and 10 cm long. Arrow inflorescences surround the blue-green leaves. The flower grows to 110 cm.


A variety with emerald green leaves that border the inflorescence up to 150 cm long. The flowers are 9 cm wide and 11 cm long and have a yellow color.


The peculiarity of the color of the variety is the interesting distribution of shades by flower. The base color is red. Yellow borders the edges of the petals and some streaks along its plane. The flower grows up to 10 cm in length and width, and the whole plant - up to 130 cm. The leaves have green.

Faye Bird (Fire Bіrd)

Spectacular variety with luxurious dark purple leaves and orange flowers that grow 9 cm wide and 16 cm long.The plant itself grows up to 120 cm in height.


The variety of canna Wyoming gives bushes up to 150 cm in height. Flowers of juicy orange color reach 12 cm in length. Flowering lasts from June to September. But decorative shrub retains the entire season due to the leaves of a bronze-brown color.

Important! Canna is reproduced by dividing rhizomes. In the winter it is dug out and stored in a cool place with a temperature not higher than 16 ° C and good lighting. Sometimes cannes can be propagated by seed.

Picasso (Picasso)

Canna Picasso is valued for the incredibly spectacular bright yellow petals of the inflorescences, showered with oblong orange-red patches. The flower reaches a diameter of 13 cm, and the plant itself grows to 90 cm.

Did you know? Growing canna in a pot, many gardeners in the summer immerse them under water for 10-20 cm, for example, in swimming pools in garden plots. White cann varieties are ideal in such conditions. In the autumn they are cleaned in the greenhouse, where they are also immersed in water. Clay should be added to the soil of such plants so that it is not washed away. There they will organize additional lighting and comfortable temperature. In such conditions, canna pleases bloom for a long time.

Black Knight

Canna Black Knight, or the Dark Knight, is valued not only for large dark red flowers that bloom from July to September. Ornamental value are maroon rigid erect sheets. The plant reaches a height of 100 cm.

As you can see, varieties of cannas great variety. You can always choose the right color for your garden. In addition, some of the varieties are valued including the decorative leaves.

Plants can be tall, medium and low, have large, medium or small flowers. All this helps to make various garden compositions.